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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Sunsets, Seashells and Shelling Sisters

Sanibel shelling at sunset

The week started out with beautiful sunset skies at the lighthouse beach with some serene Sanibel Stooping…..

Sanibel stoop aqua

Tiny shell finds….

Girl with drill shell

Avery with a Sharp Ribbed Drill

Beautiful families with some Shelling Sistahs! ….

Family on Sanibel lighthouse beach

Avery, Caroline, Jim, McKenzie and Amy (Orlando)

Live critters….

Hermit crab fights from conch

A few keeper shells like this double JEWEL BOX Super Sheller Clark found….

Double Jewel Box

Then I moved on to Middle Gulf Drive beaches to find more Shelling Sistahs! Weehoo!

Sanibel Shelling Sistahs

Janet, Pam, Betty Jo

But Blind Pass has been the place to find the best finds of the week! Look who I saw again from the lighthouse beach but this time at Blind Pass finding KING’S CROWNS. McKenzie!

McKenzie Kings crowns

And her sister Avery was lucky enough to find a JUNONIA! Even part of one is lucky, I think. Great find Avery!

mostly junonia

My buddies Susie and Ellen joined me at Blind Pass to see what all the fuss was about.

Sooz Ellen with shells

They found FIGHTING CONCHS, a PEAR WHELK  and a few more.

Susie's shells

Marie from Charleston was purrrrrrfectly satisfied with lots of kitten paws…

Marie kittens paws

The shelling is so much fun right now because the tide is so far out you can walk on sand bars that are not normally showin….. especially at Blind Pass. On my last post Negative Low Tides, Positive Winners! , I didn’t really explain what a negative low tide chart looks like so I’ve added the chart for today and tomorrow. To get more information on the tides for future dates for Captiva, Sanibel and Cayo Costa, go to TIDES.

Captiva low tide chart

Sanibel Ibis at dusk

sunset girls

lightouse pier sunset


  1. What a great day to be on Sanibel….<

  2. Looks beautiful…. I was supposed to be there this week; I wish I was…… I am definitely going through some Sanibel withdrawal!

  3. What a great day, love the hermit crab! So brave to hold that big guy with his big claws!

  4. Gorgeous pictures, as usual! Up here in NE Florida, the smoke is so bad from all the fires that I haven’t been able to shell the last 2 weeks. We need some of those gorgeous blue skies up here!

  5. Beautiful pictures, Pam! I’m missing Sanibel as I write from Wisconsin on a chilly, gloomy, rainy day.

  6. ahhhhh! those wonderful sunsets. thanx once again

  7. stunning pic of the sunset at the pier!

  8. The sunset pictures are beautiful, of course. I wouldn’t expect less! ;) Thank you for explaining negative low tides. It’s amazing how vastly different the tides are now compared to January, when we were there.

  9. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your blog! I actually ache to go back to Captiva/Sanibel and shell – your site keeps me going until I get back! Thx for sharing and giving me a fix via the Internet!

  10. wow…my sister and I are famous! That’s us sitting on the beach at Blind Pass watching the sunset on our last night on Sanibel. (You caught our best side.)
    I live in Iowa and my sister lives in Texas. We try to meet up on Sanibel once a year to have a sister’s vacation. We had a wonderful week and thank you for the information on the negative tides at Blind Pass. It was our best shelling…without a doubt! We would love to somehow get a copy of that picture. Thanks for your blog…we look at it often and dream of next year!

    • Cheryl! OMG Yall looked so cute sitting there together! While I was walking and watching the sunset, I just snapped that photo since it said so much to me. I’m so happy it was someone I “know” so I can say thank you for a lovely moment to capture… and now you can have it forever too! Thank you!!

  11. You found several super shellers! Considering it is my favorite thing to do, I may be just a bit jealous! lol Wonderful pics Pam!

  12. Omg Pam thanks so much for posting my family and I!!!! It was fun meeting up with you and I really hope we can do it again! Love ya!

  13. Those are some great shells. We were at blind pass last night(wed.)and me and my daughter found some live crabs and put them safely back in the water. Were going to try blind pass on the captiva side tonight.. Really want to find some more of those worm shells!! Love ’em

  14. ….if only I were there….sigh…..

    I gave my best friends daughter two nights On Sanibel as a wedding present. They were there earlier thuis week and loved it. I told them to watch for the lady with the aqua shirt and Iloveshelling hat and the camera of course! I’m so glad you dont leave home without it!!! Alas, your paths did not cross this time….

    Hope to be there myself in October.

  15. (sigh!) Every time I visit your blog, my heart just skips a beat as I remember my perfect vacation I spent on Sanibel. I miss her so very very much – the sand, the sky, the ocean waves, the crunch of shells, the salty smell….and can hardly wait to get back to claim my spot on the beach once again…. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  16. Pam, do you always wear your blue “I love shelling shirt”? Me and my daughter will look for you tonight.. Were going to try the captiva side of blind pass tonight.

  17. I love the pictures of the shells and the scenery. Isn’t it wonderful to know there seems to be an endless supply of shells and always something fun to discover? Sanibel truly is paradise.

  18. Oh my your pictures are beautiful and you find some of the best shellers and of course YOU and your hubby are THE BEST!!
    I am definitely in “Sanibel withdrawal”!!
    Janice from GA

  19. I am so glad to have found this blog and pictures! My family will be visiting Sanibel for the first time this summer and I am so excited! Your pictures have drawn me in and I’ve already learned a lot about shells and other information about the island. It is such a beautiful place. Thank you!

  20. Another incredibly beautiful, educational, fun post!!! Keep ’em coming, Pam!!!

  21. Oh, Pam, those photos are so perfect! Each one is a painting waiting to happen, wish I could capture those lovely sunset scenes…but I’m afraid that it would be difficult to duplicate Mother Nature’s loveliness, but I may give it a try! Thanks. And that hermit crab is the biggest sucker I’ve ever seen!

  22. Well were on our way to blind pass for the last time. Were leaving tomorrow morninv. I love your blog. It really taught me and my daughter about shells.

  23. I found a Jewel Box two weeks ago when I was in “paradise” Sanibel. I was really excited to find one. Read your blog everyday. Thank you for taking the time to give everyone a bright spot in their day.

  24. Pam,

    Back home again and missing Sanibel already! Thanks again so much for bringing the shirts to us. It was a great early birthday surprise for Janet that I got to share too. I met some of my shelling sisters at Blind Pass including Amy and her family from Orlando. We brought home lots of shells mostly from Blind Pass and so many good memories of the beach, swimming with the manatees, shelling and getting to meet you. Thanks again for everything including giving us the blog so we can have our daily dose of beach until we get back there again.

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