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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Seashell Identification

Seashell Identification

Attention virtual shellers! Can you identify all of these shells?

To help make sure, I’d like to introduce my new page of….. drum roll please…..


Clark found all of these shells in the photo above yesterday at Blind Pass. He couldn’t stand not running down there after work yesterday for an hour after seeing those great finds by Mark, Preston and Tommy on the Sanibel sand bar. Click to enlarge the photo to do some virtual shelling and have fun identifying all the shells. Then check out my new SEASHELL IDENTIFICATION page to see if you were right! I am still adding shells to the page but I couldn’t wait another day to share this with you. Enjoy!

PS- Want more shell info? Make sure you click on the photos on the SEASHELL IDENTIFICATION page so you can enjoy more photos and stories about each of those shells. :)


  1. I love those dark tulips.

  2. Thanks again, Pam. I just went to your seashell id and found out that an interesting, worn out ‘mystery’ shell I found at St George Island is a Rock Snail. Nice guide.

  3. Nice work Pam! It looks like the virtual guide just needs an apple murex and a reticulated nutmeg, and Clark’s pile will be all identified. What great fun!

    • Ha! Yes, Scott! I knew I had a few more to go but how could I have missed the apple and nutmeg (sounds like a pie)? I’ve now added those too. Thank you!!

  4. Super=you are on your way to becoming the sea shell one stop resource! happy weekend.

  5. LOVE, your website! My first trip to Sanibel was in 1986, and I’ve been addicted ever since. Hoping to get there next month, in the mean time I visit your site EVERY DAY!!!

  6. Very Nice!

  7. I don’t blame Clark for wanting to get out there. He found some great shells.
    Thank you for sharing (again and again and again :) ) I love the new shell identifacation page . Before connecting with your blog I just guessed at what the shells were and made up my own names. Now when I look at my treasures the actual name pops in my head!

    Hope you have a shellsational weekend!

  8. Shell identification page–such a good idea!
    It looks like it was a lot of work too–thank you for taking the time to make it a little easier for me to identify my shells. Now I can go back and see if I can ID some of my “mystery finds!”

  9. excellent!! just keep all this wonderful info coming! u r the best!! i hope 2 meet u when hubby & i come in march. :)

  10. That’s a really nice pile of shells Clark found. Wish I had an hour to beam myself to the beach!! Its incredibly windy here today. Cut our riding time down today.

  11. Love this thank you so much!

  12. Love the guide. Thanks Pam

  13. I am sharing this with my special new friend, April, who is going to be an excellent sheller – can’t wait to bring her to Sanibel. The pictures are excellent.
    You Jupiter Shelling Sister

  14. Been shelling down by #7 and found an 11″ horse conch. That is what my grandson (Samuel 8 years old) asked me to bring him. LOL Now to clean it up it has barnacles all over it.

  15. The new shell I.D. is great!

  16. The identification guide is great!

    BTW, another way to “clean” given to me by a professional sheller who is leaving her collection to the University of Florida is acidic toilet bowl cleaner. I have used The Works which has 20% hydrocloric acid. It is very convenient since it is already mixed. Same instructions as for muriatic acid–dip for a count of 3 and immediately rince under a running faucet or a pail of clear water,.

  17. The ID guide is GREAT! thanx

  18. love it! Lot’s of hard work you’ve done for our enjoyment! May the Junonia find you soon!

  19. Thank you for the shell id page. I have a good shell book but I know I will use your site as well. In 27 days I will be shelling on Sanibel.

    Hope to see you! Hope you find a nice Junonia.

  20. Shell identification page. Great addition to the site. Over the past month, I have been going down your list of shells, copying, re-sizing and pasting an image into an inventory sheet so that I can get my boxes and boxes of shells organized. This will certainly make the process a little more speedy. Hoping that I happen to run into you on the beach in April. I would love to meet you and thank you in person for this fantastic web site.

    Thanks so much!!!

  21. Awesome! Thank you for this! I love knowing what I have found! I always mean to get an identification book, but never do. Can’t wait to get the chance to beach comb again so I can use your page :-)

  22. Just found your website and love it!!! I love shelling but have never been to Sanibel. I’m hoping to get there this year. I love all your pictures and the ID guide is great. Once I get there I may not ever leave!!!!

  23. Great shell identification page, Pam. You are filling a void, because the other internet shell guides are usually too skimpy, and the Bailey-Matthews guide is so comprehensive that it can take a while to page through and find the right shell. I like the pics of the little shells in your hand, because that gives a sense of scale.

    Don’t forget the lady-in-waiting venus!

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