Kings Crown cleaned not cleaned

Example of a Kings Crown dipped in muriatic solution and a Kings Crown not dipped.

I am so excited to show you how to bring that rich color back to your seashells that have dulled from a white calcium film. I thought I had ruined these KINGS CROWN shells for good after soaking them too long in a bleach solution (1/8 bleach to 7/8 water) to try to clean them up last year. I am so tickled I can save them since I learned a new trick on Monday. I stopped by to see my friend Mary at the Sanibel Community House during a session of the Sanibel Shell Crafters who meet every Monday from 10am to 3pm. She was kind enough to give us tips on using muriatic acid solution to take that white scum off our shells. She did, however, warn us that it doesn’t work on all shells….. don’t use it on OLIVE shells or other shells that already have a shine to them. It will do the opposite…. dull them. So I took her advice, bought some muriatic acid then headed home to mix my brew to make my shells just as luscious in color as when they come fresh out of the water. It works wonders! You  won’t believe the changes I’ll show you in the video. Since using Mary’s tips on a few of my own shells, I want to go through every box, bag, jar, bowl and dish of shells I have and dip those crusty old white ones in my brew. I can’t believe I never knew this before but please be aware of the dangers that can be associated with using this or having any type of acid in your house…. it can be DANGEROUS! So read all instructions, wear protective eye glasses, gloves and please dispose of properly.

PS- If you are a serious shell collector, muriatic acid is not the solution you should use on your shells as it is said to damage the shell. If you are a shell crafter, casual beachcomber or someone who just wants to have your beautiful shell displayed in your home that isn’t quite up to snuff …. use your own judgement.

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