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Sanibel’s Blind Pass Shell Pile

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Sanibel side of Blind Pass

I was so surprised to see that the Sanibel side of Blind Pass had such a pile of shells. Look at them all! Most of the shells were clams, scallops and bits and pieces of shells but we all found treasures to be proud of.

Rough Scallop

I saw a few bright orange scallops but one really caught my eye….this gorgeous ROUGH SCALLOP.

Katie (Chicago)

Katie found a few really good ones…including a little candy (juvenile HORSE CONCH) and a FLORIDA CONE. Check out her shell bag (taking this photo of her shells through her bag got me a little tickled- not sure why, just not my ordinary shot)

Katie's shell bag

Leon, Lara, Anika and Kika

Lara and her family from Maine were collecting just about anything to take back to a kids camp for shell crafting.

Our favorite shells.....worm shells

I saved the best for last…..WORM SHELLS (hmm…ok, candies are right up there too, right LooLoo?) These are the little tiny ones that still have the white tips on them (like the candy corn!) and have such cool twists and turns to them. They look like a mermaid’s lock of hair, don’t they?

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i Love Shelling on TV!

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I told yall about my interview for WINK TV News on my June 19 post Spreading the Shelling News…… It finally aired yesterday at 12:24 p.m.. As you’ll see, this all happened because I not only posted Sanibel and Captiva photos on my blog but I also posted on i Love Shelling facebook page AND  The Beaches of Fort Myers and Florida facebook page. Yall gave me so much positive feedback on some of my photos that I just got a little crazy with the posting! So a big THANK YOU to you!!! And again a big THANK YOU to Ilene from Main Sail Video Productions for making me feel so relaxed.

YouTube Preview Image

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Captiva Crouch Crowd

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Scott, Parker, Mia, Mallory, LouAnn, Nat, Susan and Hans

I got really excited when I pulled into the parking lot at Captiva’s Blind Pass because I saw a crowd doing the “Captiva Crouch” at the shoreline. That means there are shells! So I raced down to find out what they had collected. “I found lots of MUREXES and TULIPS” LouAnn said. “I found FIGHTING CONCHS and a FLORIDA CONE!” from Susan. Hans even liked the DOUBLE KITTEN’S PAWS (everybody really love those) and there were lots of them.

Shelling family doing the "Captiva Crouch"

They were finding some good shells! After talking with them, I realized this whole crowd was together and they were all family. Nice, huh?  Half of them are from Pittsburg and half from Hilton Head. What a fun way to all get together as a family.

Candy at Blind Pass

I found my candy , the juvenile HORSE CONCH so I was a happy girl too. iLoveShelling facebook buddy Kristen said that beach access #7 was a lot of fun yesterday too. She found ANGEL WINGS!

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