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We had a huge storm last night with steady high winds so we ran down to the beach to see what the storm brought in. We found four LACE MUREXES, one BABY’S EAR, four KEY HOLE LIMPETS, a cutie WORM SHELL, and abOut 10...

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Blind Pass

We had some good winds and the gulf was very rough today since there is a cold front coming in this weekend. This might bring in some good shelling…..but not yet. At least not in front of The Mucky Duck in Captiva this...

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Shelling on the Out Islands

Clark and I went out on our boat for the first time in 6 weeks today. This was very unusual (it’s normally every weekend) but the weather has been terrible on the weekends. It was a gorgeous day  on Cayo Costa and North Captiva...

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We’ve Got Cockles

I was thinking Wednesday would be the day for the big shelling….but after looking at West Gulf this afternoon as in the pictures above, I might be mistaken. Lots of COCKLE shells and foaming shoreline at #6 but little to...

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