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Like Kids in a Candy Store

I don’t think that there are any nicer people on the planet than shellers. These gals were just having a great time scooping, sifting, stooping and chatting. Just look at the smiles on their faces….life really is good....

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Roll with the Tide

The shells were rolling in with the tide today but it was so choppy that you had to be really fast to grab any shells with your hands in the surf without a net. Peggy and Jim from Chicago must have been pretty fast because, as...

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Down Girls, He’s Taken

Sean is showing off a fist full of perfect WHELKS, TULIPS, CONCHS and a really nice LACE MUREX on Algiers Beach. He comes down to Sanibel on the weekends from Clearwater to relax and do some shelling with his gorgeous girlfriend...

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Algier’s Beach

After the shopping spree, Clark and I headed for the beach and found a gorgeous, calm beach with plenty of shellers and sunbathers. Phyllis from Massachusetts has been coming to Sanibel twice a year for 12 years. She was a...

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Yard Sale Find

Remember the yard sale I told you about? I scooped up this most adorable little aqua table that now displays our most precious orange HORSIE CONCHS, JINGLES, CONES and TULIPS in our foyer. Share with your...

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