The lowest and highest tides occur when there is a full moon or a new moon. These extremely low tides offer a great chance to see shells farther out from the shore that normally aren’t easy to access.

 These are future predicted tide charts for 2014 Sanibel, Florida lighthouse area from NOAA.  Feel free to print any months you’d like. Click to enlarge

For more details on Captiva/North Captiva Tides CLICK HERE

Sanibel Tides July August September 2014



Sanibel Tide October November December 2014

Second Option- If you have a smart phone, you can use an app that shows a visual graph that lets me see the lowest and highest tides of each day. It also tells the times for sunrise and sunset … and the moon too. Click on this next image to check it out …. oops… Some times it takes a few more seconds to download the link. Okay, now go for it!