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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Tiny Trail In The Sand

Posted by on Feb 10, 2012 in Dwarf Olive, Horse Conch, Live Olive Video, Olive, Rice Olive, Seashells | 11 comments

live dwarf olive

I took a lovely walk at the lighthouse beach with my friend Susan S. this morning and pointed out a few sand trails leading to live LETTERED OLIVES …

Olive shell siphon

Then she asked me what kind of shell was making this trail…

live dwarf olive sand trail

It looked just like an AUGER trail as I remembered those beautiful tracks I had photographed in 2010 then turned into “AUGER ART” . But I was wrong! It was a DWARF OLIVE. I wonder how many times I had seen them but had just assumed it was an AUGER. I know…never assume.

live rice olive shell

I like to call these tiny little OLIVES “RICE SHELLS” since they look like grains of rice. Here’s a short video of this live little cutie…

But wait! We saw more live shells. Robyn from Singapore (!) wanted to know what was coming out of this shell that was so bright orange. It’s a live HORSE CONCH! And all of that “orange stuff” is the live mollusk that made the shell….. and as I was explaining that, the animal squirted a stream of salty water at us. Ha!

Robyn Singapore horse conch

She knew she couldn’t keep a live shell so she happily walked it out to the sand bar where she found it.

live horse conch sanibel lighthouse

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Olive Circles In The Sand

Posted by on May 25, 2011 in Live Olive Video, Video | 23 comments

Really low tides expose parts of the sea’s floor we normally don’t get to see. This past week during the evening low tides, I videoed a live SHARK’S EYE in my hand and also showed you the STARFISH cruising the tide pool on my last post Go Starfish Go. Well, I’ve got another video for you too…. a live OLIVE scooting along in the sand near the east end of Sanibel near the lighthouse. It is nice to find shells to take home but it’s even cooler to see live, healthy creatures hanging out in their own little world. Enjoy!

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