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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Sanibel Wishes and Memories

Posted by on Apr 24, 2014 in Dolphin video, Sanibel Lighthouse Seashell Video, Sanibel Seashells Surf Video, Video | 30 comments

sanibel shell tree

As I was shelling yesterday, I thought of all the amazing sightings I get to witness on Sanibel’s beaches. Feeling very content and fortunate, I still picked up a shell to add to this shell tree so I could make a wish.

adding to shell treee

Afterwards, I walked back to the shoreline to find a yellow ONE TOOTH SIMNIA on a golden SEA WHIP. I immediately thought of Gina from Shellabaloo 2.

yellow one tooth simnia

Then I was captured by the sight of a guy on a SUP standup paddle board against the aqua water and brilliant blue sky. I got out my video camera and started filming the peaceful sight. A DOLPHIN popped out of the water right in front of him and he “whooped” with excitement. Wow!

sup and dolphin

Finding the simple pleasures in life make wishes come true. This inspired me to make another video…. Sanibel Wishes. Open your eyes to take in whats right in front of you… then make a wish.

I not only placed a shell on the shell tree for a wish, I also placed shells on a castle built for the memory of a shelling friend.

brett's shell memorial

There are people I meet on the beach for a brief moment but I feel I have an immediate kinship. Brett was one of those people.

ian brett jeff shellers sanibel

Sanibel wishes and memories.

brett shares sanibel shells

My thoughts are with you Ian, Jeff, Connie, John and your families.


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Shell Raisers On The Beaches Of Sanibel

Posted by on Jul 6, 2012 in Dolphin video, Fighting Conch, Fighting Conch Egg String, Mangrove Periwinkle, Periwinkles, Rosy Wolf Snail | 29 comments

live fighting conchs

Hundreds of live FIGHTING CONCHS raised out of the sand at Lighthouse Beach yesterday to take a look around as the tide was going out.

fighting conchs beach

I found one of the FIGHTING CONCHS hanging out in a tidal pool… but wait… I noticed something in the water beside it…

florida fighting conch egg case

This FLORIDA FIGHTING CONCH was laying EGGS! The eggs are released in a gelatinous egg string then sand adheres to its thick jelly-like sheath.

flighting conch egg string

I tried to get close enough to see how the eggs are released without disturbing this busy gal. If you look closely, you can see them shooting out! It’s that spout perpendicular to the eye. Go Momma! Raise some more shells!

Strombus alatus egg string

I think this is a FIGHTING CONCH EGG STRING as well…. but why would she lay her eggs without being in the water? I followed the trail from the string to a healthy FIGHTING CONCH about a yard away. Hmmm. Maybe that jelly like sheath protects them when the tide recedes. I dunno, but I hope she raises healthy shells and I sure love to find new things like this!

fighting conch dry egg string

Speaking of “raising shell”…. We met the Shell Raisers at Blind Pass Sanibel! These 2 brothers, Eric and Chris, have been shelling all their lives and they even witnessed a BANDED TULIP laying eggs in their live shell tank.

shell raising brothers

Chris found that huge WHELK but put it back in the water since was occupied by a monster HERMIT CRAB. They were vacationing on Sanibel with their family from the east coast of Florida . Here are Chris and Eric with (from left to right) their mom Cheryl, Sarah, Amelia and Ava.

The shell raisers

Back at the Sanibel lighthouse, Linda (Pensacola, FL) was busy finding the mini shells…

linda mini shells lighthouse

She found a mega WENTLETRAP along with some other sweet minis…

lindas mini shells

Her best find was this gorgeous MANGROVE PERIWINKLE…

mangrove periwinkle sand

If you look closely you can see a beautiful purple lip…

mangrove periwinkle ap

Bobby (Houston TX) finally found what he was looking for…WENTLETRAPS!!

bobby wentletraps

I was asked a question on I Love Shelling Facebook page by Diane F  about a shell I.D. It was that ROSE WOLF SNAIL again! I told y’all I keep forgetting the name of that shell but now that I can remember the name,  I completely forgot to put it on my SEASHELL IDENTIFICATION page. This shell keeps stumping me some how! Thanks Diane for asking about this shell and sending such a beautiful picture of it. I’m going to use photo for my I.D page- Thank you!

rosy wolf snail shell sanibel

Okay, one more thing… I saw the dolphins playing near the pier last night and I just happened to video them racing along the shoreline in front of an unsuspecting family. This is no fancy video…just a little clip of our own little Sanibel Sea World…

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Super Sunrise, Sunset And Super Moon

Posted by on Mar 21, 2011 in Dolphin, Dolphin video, Fighting Conch, Horse Conch, Lightning Whelk, low tide, Pear Whelk, Sanibel, Sunray Venus, sunrise, Video | 19 comments

Sanibel sunrise with gull

It was a super weekend with a “super moon”, super sunrise, super shelling, super dolphins and super sunsets. I am still over the moon (heehee) after seeing that dolphin rushing towards me yesterday morning at sunrise so I’ve added that video again at the end of this post. Hope you don’t mind.

Super moon shelling

The full  moon was setting over Sanibel leaving a low tide and live shells exposed on the beach. I always love to see live shells at low tide and especially when they are healthy and happy eating a scrumptious meal (sorry Mr Fighting Conch).

Lightning whelk eating conch

I was so amazed at how black this WHELK was devouring the other shell . It looked like a tar blob oozing out of his shell. Okay, let me make sure you know….this is not tar…this is a MOLLUSK!

Live Pear Whelk

Look how cute this live PEAR WHELK is! He’s doing a great job of making his way to deeper water.

Listen to the moon

Diana got out on the beach at 5:30 with a flashlight to take advantage of the full moon low tide yesterday morning. Notice the moon setting behind her right next to her ear…. I think she is listening to what the moon has to say. She found lots of FIGHTING CONCHS, a gorgeous double SUNRAY VENUS, BANDED TULIPS and lots of other shells.

Diana's seashells

Right after I took this picture and admired the moon again, I turned around to ogle at the sunrise view again and that’s when we both saw the dolphin splashing in what looked like golden water. I lost track of exactly where I was since I followed them along the beach a little ways but it was somewhere between Holiday Inn and Sundial.

Sanibel Dolphin at sunrise

It’s so much fun to see Dolphin so close to the beach whether they are feeding or playing. They corral the little fish up to the beach so they can easily pick out the ones that want to enjoy for breakfast. I happen to think they have a great time putting on a show as well.

Beachcombers with dolphins

Shellers watching dolphins

Since there were two low tides yesterday, I went back to the beach in the evening….

Sanibel shell seeker

Todd (PA) was searching for shells in the low tide surf while his girlfriend Courtney was on the beach finding goodies.


Sanibel beachcomber courtney


beachcombing shells

So along with all of the  other super-ness of the weekend, you can see I met some super shellers.

Super Moon over Buck Key

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When Dolphins Attack! (video)

Posted by on Apr 28, 2010 in Dolphin, Dolphin video, Lighthouse, Sanibel, Video | 15 comments

I’ve talked about those crazy DOLPHINS at the lighthouse beach on Sanibel but I finally got some good video of them speeding through the water to catch their meal of tiny fish (ok, I’m assuming “tiny fish” since the water wasn’t as clear as it was last week). At first they looked like sharks with only their dorsal fin showing above water but no doubt, they are dolphins. You’ll see how close they got to Rob visiting from New Hampshire. He got great pictures of his family just several feet from a dolphin. We were out there filming this about 7pm last night at a very low tide and full moon.

This is a thank you for my friend Lisa who is ccrrraaazy about dolphins…..she just signed up to subscribe to my posts through an email reminder . If you also want to have an email sent to you when I put up a new post, click on the link on the top right of this page.

Dolphin at Sanibel lighthouse

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