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Captiva Clean Beach

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Paradise on Captiva Island

Paradise on Captiva Island

I watched a huge storm come across the Gulf  today on Captiva Island. The water was bright aqua with the contrast of an indigo sky until the storm was right on top of us. Then everything darkened, the rain pounded and the power flickered. I love the rain but the problem is that this weather is taking the sand and shells off the beach. The beach is clean as a whistle.

Captiva Island beach path

Captiva Island beach path

Captiva Island storm

The storm approaching

Captiva Island storm brewing

The storm is brewing ... notice the clean beach

Captiva Island storm and beach

Empty beach with mean storm

I wish I had better shelling news for you but as you can see… I got nothin’ on Captiva. Thank goodness for the COQUINAS on Sanibel.

Captiva Island clean beach

Captiva Clean sweep

I have a good feeling that things are getting stirred up out in the Gulf of Mexico. It looks like Tropical Storm Tomas is the culprit  this time for taking away our shells. Just wait for those west winds ….. we’ll get the big time again.

Blind Pass clean beach

Blind Pass clean beach

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