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Cockles, Conchs and Quahogs

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sanibel seashells on pen shell

After several weeks of east winds, the west winds have finally arrived to drive some shells on to our beaches. Today was only the first day of the westies but since it was a really low tide this morning, I figured I’d find some goodies. It’s always a good day when you find an ALPHABET CONE and you’ve got to see just how darn cute this little juvie HORSE CONCH is…

juvenile horse conch

I couldn’t believe I found this ANGEL WING sitting in the high wrack line…

angel wing bivalve sanibel shell

I love when I find shells like this BANDED TULIP lying on the beach like this.

banded tulip off donax

Tonya, Beth and Max from Ohio had their bags filled with all sorts of treasures.

tonya, beth, max sanibel seashells

Wanna look in their shell bags? I sure wanted to too! COCKLES and CONCHS and CLAMS…

sanibel seashell bags

Max found this live LIGHTNING WHELK in the high tide wrack line so he walked it down to the water and gently put it in the water. Good for you Max! You helped save this beauty.

live lightning whelk max

I found local Sanibel sheller Lynn walking her very happy standard poodle Alexander with a pocket full of seashell treasure too.

alexander standard poodle lynn beach

Look at those pretty those COLORFUL MOON shells along with those candies and a mini TURE TULIP.

lynn seashells moons conchs

There was all sorts of bivalves scattered along the beach. I found this ATLANTIC COCKLE, PONDEROUS ARK and SOUTHERN QUAHOG together on the beach just like this…

atlantic cockle, ponderuos ark, southern quahog

This is the biggest DARK CERITH I’ve ever found. It’s one and a half inches long!

1 1/2 inch cerith seashells

 I was pretty pleased with what we all were finding on the beach near Donax Street today after the first day of west winds. Tomorrow might be even better!

low tide shell collecting

fighting conch sunset

After scattered rain showers throughout the day yesterday, the evening was clear enough to enjoy a beautiful walk on the beach to find some live shells….

Kings crown eats southern quahog

…And LOTS of empty shells!

seashell shell rake

We were collecting shells last night to add to our buckets of shells to throw from out “float” to the crowd for the Sanibel 4th of July  Parade Shellebration tomorrow!

pat finds sharks eye

Pat from South Carolina found a really big SHARK’S EYE MOON SNAIL.

sharks eye moon pat

Along with catching some nice seashells, we even caught a glimpse of a rainbow finally…

rainbow beach path

Enjoy your Independence Day celebrations!

walking beach at sunset


Clark Found A Junonia?

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Clark and his junonia

Clark was teasing me to no end on the sand bar at Blind Pass Sanibel when he told me he found something really good. Ut Oh. What!? Oh no you didn't! He said, "Yep!" and showed me a JUNONIA.

Worn Junonia

Ha! Yes, it's a JUNONIA...... a very worn JUNONIA. But still a whole one so, and yes, it's still better than what I've found....barely. ;)

Worn Junonia Aperture

After shelling Blind Pass, we decided to visit beach access #7 off West Gulf Drive since we haven't been there in months. Lots of TELLINS....

Alternate Tellins on blue


Southern Quahogs

I was tickled to find several large old worn WHELKS. I love these old "yard shells" so I line them up in an area in my garden to look at them every day.

Old Whelks

The low tide in the late afternoons this whole week has been heaven.

sunset on west gulf drive