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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Spectasheller Speckled Tellin

Posted by on Nov 17, 2013 in Broad Paper Cockle, Conch, Fighting Conch, Southern Surf Clam, Speckled Tellin | 15 comments


double speckled tellin captiva

Shellzam! I think this is the first time I’ve seen someone find a double SPECKLED TELLIN shell in SouthWest Florida. We found lots of double SPECKLED TELLINS on our trip to Turks And Caicos but only a handful of single valves here in SW Florida …  none with both valves still attached. So I was tickled to see that Stephanie (Fort Myers) showed me her find. Spectacsheller!

stephanie captiva beach with shells

Along with her double TELLIN, she also found a single valve of a SPECKLED TELLIN, an awesome BROAD PAPER COCKLE, and a PURPLISH TAGELUS. Very nice.

speckled telling broad paper cockle purplish tagelus

I also saw Kathy and Pat again! They were on the March iLoveShelling cruise to Cayo Costa so we got to laugh and reminisce about them being in the “Gleaners” photo. Lots of fun.

kathy pat shelling the water captiva

They found such a wide variety of shells but they both said that they were happiest to find lots of CERITHS.

captiva seashells pat kathy

Speaking of Cayo Costa, Dawn and Lori from Nebraska weren’t find many keeper shells on Captiva but they were still so happy they had gone to Cayo Costa to find lots of great treasures.

dawn lori nebraska visit captiva for seashells

Lori is holding up a wonderful LACE MUREX while Dawn had questions about these SOUTHERN SURF CLAMS. Why are they so brown? On our last iLoveshelling cruise, lots of folks were picking them up because they were milk chocolate…. and it’s not the Periostracum that is covering it to make it that color but maybe some sort of food source.  Hmmmmm. I don’t remember finding them this brown in the past but I love milk chocolate! I wish I had collected a few of these milk chocolate SOUTHERN SURF CLAMS too.

brown surf clam

So believe it or not the little shell line at the top of the high tide line is where Stephanie found that spectasheller SPECKLED TELLIN and her other bivalves. That’s what it looked like when I found my CARRIER SHELLS too. Again, ya just never know!

captiva beach with string of shells

 Since I didn’t find any “spectacsheller” shells in that wrack line, I was just as happy picking up broken shells like these FIGHTING CONCHS because I’m going to use them in a shell craft project. Seriously, look at the colors… and they already have perfect holes drill in them so they are easy to work with. When it’s done (and IF I’m happy with it- heehee) , I’ll show you what I did!

broken seashells for art craft projects

PS- Blind Pass Captiva beach looks like it’s going to be roped off in the next week or so due to a renourishment project. I’m so sorry but I don’t have any more information than that but if I get any updated info, I will let you know.

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Weekend in Paradise

Posted by on Oct 16, 2011 in Colorful Moon shell, Dolphin, Fly Speck Cerith, Leopard crab, Shark's Eye, Southern Surf Clam, Sunsets, True tulip | 29 comments

captiva island sunset

The weekend started with a spectacular sunset painting the sky with brilliant hues of reds, yellows, blues and even purple.

captiva island dramatic sunset

We figured this was a great sign to get out on the water in our boat to search for treasure. We found it!

Seashell treasures Boating Day


Moon shells

Clark found a huge empty TRUE TULIP on one of the mud flats around North Captiva…

empty tulip shell

There was a wrack line of shells on Cayo Costa…

Cayo Coast beach shells

There were hundreds… no, I think there were thousands of SOUTHERN SURF CLAMS littering the beach…

surf clams on the beach

Here are a few all cleaned up…

Southern Surf Clams

Here’s a close up of the SOUTHERN SURF CLAM since I’ve never shown them before. This would be a great shell for shell crafting!

Southern Surf Clam Exterior

Southern Surf Clam Interior

We found most of our keepers on the beach but other than Clark’s big TULIP, we only found these little FLY SPECK CERITHS on the mud flats…

Fly Speck Ceriths

We had heard there was red tide moving onto the Cayo Costa area but we didn’t feel that irritating tickle in the chest and had no “red tide cough”. We did see a few dead fish which was kind of creepy at first but then it seems we can always find something cool about any beach drift.

cayo costa fishbone

Fish bone skeleton

A few more treasures from our weekend in paradise…

whelk on cayo costa

leopard crab shell cayo costa

dolphins by our boat cayo costa

Dolphins dancing in gulf coast



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