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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Buckets of Seashells

Posted by on Feb 24, 2011 in Alphabet Cone, Conch, Cone, Fighting Conch, Flat Zigzag Scallop, Florida Cone, Horse Conch, Keyhole Limpet, King's Crown, Limpet, Scallop, sea glass, Shark's Teeth, Tusk Shell | 20 comments

Eddy's shell bucket

Eddy's shell bucket

I didn’t see shellers with buckets filled to the rim with seashells today, but I did see a few buckets that had nice quality shells that made every other sheller smile when they peeked into the bottom. This is Eddy’s bucket with that big FLAT SCALLOP and so mant color variations and sizes of the FIGHTING CONCHS and other goodies.

Eddy shells

Eddy peeking into his shell bucket

I first met Eddy in August with his sister Rachael and they are back in full shelling mode. Look at those CONES Rachael found.

Rachael Florida cone shells

Rachael with 2 Florida cone and an Alphabet

This next bucket could make a grown shelling woman cry… I mean smile too.

Kings crowns shell bucket

A bucket of Crowns

This is very impressive to see all of the KINGS CROWNS together in the bottom of this bucket, isn’t it? Molly found a secret shelling spot digging in some mud flats where she found all of these lovelies completely empty. Jack pot!

seashells Molly and Ella

Molly and Ella (MI)

This is KING’S CROWN queen Molly and her daughter Ella with their other best finds of the week…. SEA URCHINS, 8″ HORSE CONCH, ALPHABET CONES, SHARK’S EYES, ANGEL WINGS and a NUT MEG. Ella told me that shelling was her most favorite thing to do. Then a close second was rock climbing.

Ella Manny sunray venus conch

Cuties Ella and Manny

Ella and her little brother Manny are excited to show off a few more shells.. a SUNRAY VENUS CLAM and a JUVENILE FIGHTING CONCH.

Limpet seaglass tusk shells

Limpet, seaglass, tusk and shark's tooth

The picture above are treasures that shellers Melody and Bill found on a day trip to Venice  yesterday. Clockwise from the left … a KEY HOLE LIMPET, SEA GLASS, SHARK’S TOOTH FOSSIL and a TUSK shell all placed on top of a seagrape leaf. Nice finds!

Shellers Melody and Bill

Melody and Bill (Greenville, SC)

Happy Anniversary Melody and Bill! What a nice way to “Shellebrate”!

Sanibel Turner Beach

Sanibel Blind Pass Sand bar

There are still shells on the Sanibel side but the rip tide picked up a little this afternoon in between the shore and the sand bar… so be VERY CAREFUL if you are shelling around there. I’ve finally found all you crazy shellers like us so I don’t want to lose any of you!

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Secret Society of Shellers

Posted by on Oct 22, 2010 in Blind Pass, Captiva, Dead Man's Fingers Sponge, Limpet, Striped false limpet | 11 comments

Manatee shaped rock

Manatee or seal shaped rock

Do you see the seal or manatee shaped rock in the jetty? Mary Jo Shannon pointed it out to me at Blind Pass. Yes! THE Mary Jo that we get lots of fun comments and feedback from on this blog. I ran into her and shelling buddy Sue on the Pass side of the jetty (since there still isn’t much shelling on the right side…. my old fave).

Shelling Blind Pass Mary Jo

Sue and Mary Jo (Michigan)

Sue grew up shelling with her family then taught Mary Jo the treasures she could find on the beach. After finding her first shell, she was hooked too. Then she couldn’t believe how nice all the other shellers were and that they all wanted to show off what they found. They laughed and called it the “Secret Society of Shellers”. Yes! It is!

Dead Man's Fingers

Dead Man's Fingers?

They taught me something too. I told them I had found this dark brown sponge that looked like deer antlers but felt like styrofoam the other day but couldn’t find much info on it. They told me it is called DEAD MAN’S FINGERS.

Live limpets Captiva jetty

Live limpets Blind Pass jetty

Live Limpets

Live Limpets

Even though I didn’t find many shells, I always love to look at the colors of the jetty rocks when there are STRIPED FALSE LIMPETS on them. So colorful! Do you think members of the Secret Society of Shellers are the only ones that would enjoy this?

Don’t Forget……One More Day To Enter! Pass the word!

shell scoop

To Enter the GiveAway -Click Here!

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Oh What a Beautiful Boating Day

Posted by on Sep 6, 2010 in Barnacles, Cayo Costa, Ibis, Limpet, North Captiva, Periwinkles, Rocksnail, Striped false limpet | 18 comments

Live Limpets on a fallen tree on Cayo Costa

No rain and no work! …. Time to get out on the water. We took the boat out to our fave spots North Captiva and Cayo Costa. We found three BABY’S EARS, a few WHELKS and WORM SHELLS (only a few) and the views were spectacular. Well worth the trip.

Periwinkle on Cayo Costa

Ibis and roots

South tip of Cayo Costa

Limpets in wood grain

Barnacles on tree root ( I know, nothing fancy but I thought it looked very picturesque)

Ibis in a Cayo Costa tree

Ibis enjoying the view

Clark with a Rocksnail

We weren’t really sure what this shell was Clark found but he insisted it was something good. It kinda looks like a worn KINGS CROWN but the opening edge is sort of serrated. It was really slimed with algae and gunk so Clark got it cleaned up and then check again in the books to see if it’s a ROCKSNAIL . That’s what it looks like so far. It’s got some wear and tear but it’s 2 and a half inches long and it’s not something we find every day. I think it’s a good find too, Clark! (Update- 10-7-10: Yes, it’s a rocksnail. We got verification from MurexKen and Dr. Jose Leal from the Shell Museum. Thank you both!)



Birds on North Captiva

Christine (Venice FL) finding shells on North Cap

Pelican landing strip

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Small Treats at the Lighthouse

Posted by on Jan 29, 2010 in Keyhole Limpet, Lace Murex, Lighthouse, Murex, Nassa, Paper Fig, Pear Whelk, Sanibel, Wentletrap | 2 comments

Smaller shells at the Lighthouse

Clark went out this morning at 7am to see if low tide brought anything unusual to the Lighthouse beach. There weren’t any bigger shells so he refocused his eyes to look for the little shells. He found (pictured) a LACE MUREX, 5 PEAR WHELKS, a KEYHOLE LIMPET, 2 PAPER FIGS, 28 WENTLETRAPS, and 2 NASSA.

We’ve got a full moon tonight and there will be a pretty low tide tomorrow morning around 7:30. We hope to see you out there!

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High Winds from the South

Posted by on Dec 2, 2009 in Blind Pass, Captiva, Gulf Side City Beach (Algier's), Lighthouse, Limpet, Sanibel | 0 comments

Winds From The South

Winds From The South

I didnt see any new shelling spots at Blind Pass…. or Algier’s Beach in Sanibel….or the lighthouse today. The waves are kicking up and coming from the south with a cold front on the way so hopefully in another day or two we’ll see some good shelling. I saw the good sign of a few pen shells on Algier’s beach but not anywhere else- so this might be the best spot on Friday (or tomorrow?).

I met Terri and her family on November 11 at Blind Pass when the huge shell pile was coming in from Hurricane Ida.  I blogged about them and their finds on “Great Shelling at Blind Pass”. Well, they’re back at Blind Pass and still finding shells from that same pile (since there wasn’t anything new coming in). Terri’s son Bradley found this little LIMPET and a BUTTON to add to their bucket of shells. They said most of their shells today were broken but still very happy to be out on the beach. Aunt Dawn smiled and said “Even if we don’t find any good shells, it’s better being out here than any where else”.

Bradley's Limpet

Bradley's Limpet

Shelling family

Shelling family Terri, Bradley, Cheryl (in the back) and Aunt Dawn

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Mini Shells On The Causeway

Posted by on Nov 16, 2009 in Conch, Limpet, Sanibel Causeway, Top Shell, Whelk | 0 comments

Mini Shells

Mini Shells

I am so disappointed that I didn’t get out for more shelling today because we have a new moon. The pull of the moon is very strong during a new moon or a full moon so the tides are extreme. We had a very low tide today so that means you get to see more on the bed of the gulf. If you get to see and go further out than normal then there is a better chance you’ll find the bigger shells that haven’t made it to the shore yet.

I did get to stop on one of the islands on the causeway today. I mostly find the tiny shells on these islands as I did today. I think these little teeny weeny WHELKS, KEYHOLE LIMPETS, CONCHS and even TOP SHELLS are adorable.

We’ll catch the low, low tide on the next full moon or new moon.

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