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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Finding Seashells On Turks And Caicos Islands

Posted by on Jan 29, 2013 in Angular Triton, Angular Triton, Gaudy Asaphis, King Helmet, Queen Conch, Sunrise Tellin, Triton, Turks and Caicos Trip | 55 comments

queen conchs turks caicos iLS

We went to Turks and Caicos Islands on our vacation and it was a-mazing! We explored just about every beautiful inch of North Caicos and took several wild adventures to Middle Caicos and found that to be just as breathtaking.

Turks and Caicos map

We had lots of sunshine and warm weather for great beach combing on their awesome picturesque beaches along with plenty of clear aqua water to snorkel for hours at a time. But… best of all… we found a slew of bright, beautiful and colorful seashells! Remember I showed you a photo in my last post of a KING HELMET? Clark has always wanted to find a KING HELMET shell… and now his wish has come true! He was (is) sooooo ecstatic about his find!

clark helmet caicos

Can’t you see why?

king helmet turks caicos

He was not going to come out of that water until he found something spectacular since he was very jealous (but very happy for me) when I showed him what I found…. an ANGULAR TRITON!

pam angular triton

Take a look at this beauty…

angular triton turks caicos

I still can’t believe how many juvenile QUEEN CONCHS we found…

juvenile queen conch rollers

We found them on just about every beach we visited rolling in the surf…

pink conch turks caicos

Most of the empty adult QUEEN CONCHS around the islands had large cuts or holes in the spire of the shell because the locals cut the shell to get the meat out for food so it was hard to find a pretty one to bring home.  John “Johnny Rescue” finally found a gorgeous QUEEN CONCH!

john queen helmet caicos

I’m still in awe at the glossy brilliant colors of this shell…

north caicos queen conch jh

Jane found a nice size ANGULAR TRITON too!

angular triton middle caicos

It was a little gunky when she found it but it cleaned up like a dream…

angular triton middle caicos jh

We were all thrilled to find SUNRISE TELLINS and GAUDY ASAPHIS shells. The SUNRISE TELLINS are the glossy yellow, pink and white ones that have the sunbeam pattern. We found quite a few different colors of the GAUDY ASAPHIS shells (yellow, orange, purple white and ones with sunbeams as well!) so I’ll separate these shells in another post so you can see the difference. Unbelievable, right?

sunray tellin gaudy asaphis

I have so many stories and videos to share with you from our trip but I thought I’d start you off with the most important photos… shells! And that ain’t all, folks. We found looots of other amazing shells and beach bling so I’ll try to get organized quickly so I can give you the whole run down on Turks and Caicos. To see my other posts on Turks & Caicos CLICK HERE

turks caicos urchin coral

PS-Now that we are back and I have read all of your thoughtful comments and birthday wishes from so many of you on my last post… I am overwhelmed and humbled by your kindness. Really. Thank you so much for all of your sweet words that made this very special birthday even more special. It really was a shellebration of living life and loving Mother Nature so it’s nice to be able to share that with people that feel the same way… you. Shellers!turks caicos conch iLS

  To see my other posts on Turks & Caicos CLICK HERE.

OH, hold on! Don’t forget… I’d love to meet you on one of the dates so click on the next image to book a day!

iLoveShelling ShellingAdventures

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Tam Tam Finds A Queen Conch On Sanibel

Posted by on Dec 12, 2011 in Bittersweet Clam, Fossil, Giant Bittersweet, Golden Olive, Queen Conch, Sanibel | 27 comments

Tammy juvenile queen conch Sanibel Florida

A juvenile QUEEN CONCH is a very rare find on Sanibel…. and “our ” Tammy found one!!! If you’ve ever read the comments on any of my posts, her name is “Tam Tam From Michigan” and I finally got to meet her (in real life person!) this weekend on Sanibel and this was the first thing she showed me.

queen conch juvenile beach washed sanibel

A juvenile QUEEN CONCH! You can find them in the Bahamas and The Florida Keys but it’s not often I hear of anybody finding one  here. I’m so happy for her!

juvenile queen conch sanibel aperture

Like Donnie, she might be a little shell crazy too. She looooves shells so much, she even named her daughter Shell. This is Shell sittin ‘n siftin on a big pile off West Gulf Drive near Shalimar. Or maybe I should say… this is Shell shelling….

Shell finding seashells

She told me that “Tammy” means “Palm Tree” in another language then showed me her new tattoo…

Tammy tattoo palm tree

So of course since her daughter’s name is Shell and her name means Palm Tree…so she looves Sanibel and so do her girlfriends! They all love shelling Sanibel. This is Claudette (FL), Shell, Barb (VA),Tam Tam, Karen, Tracy (FL). You’ve met Claudette and Karen here before CLICK HERE and Karen happens to be Tam Tam’s cousin. The world is getting smaller, isn’t it? How cute are they with their i Love Shelling tee!!!

i Love Shelling sistahs

And the shelling sistahs can phoon too…. LOL…

phooning Sanibel

Here are some of the other fabulous treasures Tam Tam found…

Tammy seashells Sanibel

And even more…

Tammy all different shells Sanibel

Check this out… it’s an imprint (fossil, it apprears) of seashells formed in some sort of rock (Clark thinks it is limestone).

seashell imprints Tammy stone

 The cousins were having great luck! Karen found this GOLDEN OLIVE…

golden olive karen wg

 She and Claudette were finding lots of BITTERSWEETS on the beach too. I have found a few lately and I always feel like I’ve found quite a treasure when I see them. They are just so colorful!

bittersweet seashells sanibel florida

Congrats again Tam Tam! Your QUEEN CONCH is quite the catch and I feel so lucky too to finally get to meet you and Shell. Oh and I want to share a poem again that Tammy (Tam Tam) wrote. I posted My Sweet Sanibel on May 12, 2010. CLICK HERE to enjoy!

juvenile queen conch west coast florida

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