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Phooners Found at Sanibel Lighthouse

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Sanibel phoon

You probably do the Stoop while you are on Sanibel…. but do you Phoon? This was my first experience with phooning so I got a real kick out of it (no pun intended ;)). Definition: To Phoon is to do a pose in a “running man” position. Phooning is accepted anywhere and wherever there is a camera.

Meet the phooners…. Laurie (IL), Kim (IL), Chablis (IL), Wendy (CO) and Katy (CO)

Girls on Sanibel beach

Kim is a phooning expert, has a blog called Snug Harbor Bay where she talks about her neck of the woods, does geocaching (she had to explain that to me too) and of course…she’s a sheller. She is an interesting busy, busy bee!

baby's ear chablis Sanibel

Chablis was the lucky phooner who found the nice BABY’S EAR  and after looking at this TULIP SHELL EGG CASING, we decided to put it back in the water since it was still very hydrated and the sacs looked like they were about ready to pop out. We’re keeping our fingers crossed they survive.

Tulip Egg Casing

Tulip Egg Casing

Clark and I took a walk together later on in the day further west of the lighthouse near Seaside Inn and I found a BABY’S EAR too!

baby ear on the beach

I spotted another MARGINELLA! Now that now that I have them on my radar, I’ve found a few more.

Marginella with ark

Marginella on the left

Clark picked up an EGG COCKLE since we haven’t seen those in a while either.


Egg Cockle shell

Egg Cockle shell

This is the first SEA BEAN I’ve seen in a while too….

sea bean sea weed

sea bean in the sea weed

That’s what we do when we can’t find the SANIBEL SIX, we sift through the sea debris and look for “oddities” that we don’t  normally see. Wait! Hold on! I didn’t mean Phooning was an oddity! It’s not an oddity…… it’s a photo-optity.

High Tide sanibel Lighthouse

i Heart Shells


Sanibel Shelling is Getting A Little Hairy

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Hairy Triton

Hairy Triton

I was on the beach near Gulf Side City Park at 7 a.m. to catch the negative .7 low tide. The first person I saw was my friend Julie. She is an avid sheller but I’ve never run into her on the beach before since she always shells in the early mornings. Now that I’ve put on my big girl panties and get out to see the sunrise over the seashells (at times), I see different people. I’m so glad I ran into her because I was very excited to see a shell I’ve never seen before….. A HAIRY TRITON.

Hairy Triton aperture

Hairy Triton aperture

It has so much hair, to me it looks like a werewolf  ROCK SNAIL . Julie reassured me it was a HAIRY TRITON because her husband had found one a few years ago and entered it into the Sanibel Shell Fair and Show. Here’s Julie holding her rare treasure!…..

Hairy Triton with Julie

Julie (Sanibel)

Okay, I have to show you a close up of the “hair” on this shell.

Hairy Triton close up

Hairy Triton close up

That’s wild, huh?

Shell Seekers Teresa Alexandra

Teresa and Alexandra (Indianapolis)

I met other avid shellers Teresa and Alexandra combing the beaches filling their bags with all sorts of goodies.

Buttercup shells Alexandra

Alexandra with her shell collection

Today Alexandra was collecting BUTTERCUP  LUCINES and EGG COCKLES. Shell crafters love those BUTTERCUPS for making shell flowers and I even saw a Christmas tree made with BUTTERCUPS this year.

Buttercup seashells

Buttercup seashells

Maybe I don’t pay enough attention to the bivalves as I should so I didn’t know the name of the EGG COCKLE. I don’t see them often…. is it just me?

Velvet Egg Cockle

Velvet Egg Cockle

It was obviously an exciting morning to be at the beach. Enjoy the rest of the scenery…

Golden Sanibel Sunrise

Golden Sanibel Sunrise

True tulip shell on beach

True tulip (live and put back in the water)

Cockle shells at sunrise

Cockle shells at sunrise

Shell Treasures on the beach