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Night Shelling Lighted Cap GiveAway!

Posted by on Jun 7, 2011 in Giveaway, i Love Shelling Shop, Sanibel | 289 comments

2 Beam lighted cap

You don’t have to let that hand held flashlight get in your way from grabbing those ALPHABET CONES!  We might even finally find that JUNONIA we’ve been looking for! We now have a way to be safe for Sea Turtle nesting season with a 2-Beam Lighted Shelling Cap for hands free shelling on the beach at night. You can also use this lighted cap for walking the dog at night, camping, as a book light…. there are hundreds of times you want a hands-free flashlight. So now we can have a hat and a flashlight all in one!

2 beam lighted cap

It’s got a light beam sandwiched in the bill for seeing straight ahead of you. Then it’s got another beam under the bill to see downward in front of your feet. So you can use one or both beams for more options. I’m so excited about this new lighted cap that ……



Sea Turtle light filter

The winner of this cap will also get 2 certified Sea Turtle light filters for the new 2-Beam lighted shelling cap to make it safe for sea turtle nesting season. These light filter stickers are Wildlife Lighting certified and have been approved by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for filtering light so that it is not disruptive to sea turtles. This sticker will adhere to the bill of  the 2-Beam night shelling cap above. The beam under the bill has been approved by SCCF as being non offensive to wildlife but we ask you to please turn this light off if a sea turtle is seen on the beach.

I’m giving other prizes away too! An i Love Shelling Tank Top to a SECOND winner…

Seashell tank top


And to a THIRD winner, I am giving away an i Love Shelling Tote Bag!

i Love Shelling Tote

So here’s all you do…. make a comment on this post. That’s it. It gets me so excited when I see comments on my posts because to me that means you found something interesting about it. So to thank you for giving me feedback and hanging out with me on my shelling adventures, I’m giving away one PRIZE each to THREE LUCKY RANDOM COMMENTERS.

The Prizes….

UPDATE -June 14: The giveaway is now over and the winners have been chosen. See Winners.

Winner #1)  2-Beam lighted Cap-$28 value and 2 Turtle Safe Filters- $3 value

Winner #2) i Love Shelling Tank Top -$14-$16 value (Medium, Large, XLarge or 2XLarge)

Winner #3) i Love Shelling Cabana Tote -$20 value

Here are the rules:

Make one comment on this post before June 14th which will enter you for the drawing of each of the prizes with free U.S. shipping. UPDATE: THIS DRAWING IS OVER. Click HERE for the winners.

Outside U.S. shipping over $5 will have to be paid by recipient.

Good Luck and let’s Shellebrate some Winners!



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