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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Sanibel Wildlife Tango For Mango Madness

Posted by on Aug 13, 2015 in Beautiful Crassatella, Brown-Tip Mangelia, Coyote, Horseshoe Crab, Raccoon, Sunsets | 19 comments

Lucky Sanibel Horseshoe crab in the sunset0815

Last night’s mango sky brought out a mango tinted HORSESHOE CRAB along with several different mango colored seashells as well. Check out this BEAUTIFUL CRASSATELLA (9 o’clock) Clark found last night at Bowman’s beach.

beautiful crassatella with gorgeous shells-1

Near the east end of Sanibel the night before, I found lots of sweet mini shells. WENTLETRAPS filled the inside of a mango colored COCKLE SHELL  and BUTTON SHELLS, BUBBLES, mango tinted MUREXES, DRILLS and CONCHS filled the cup of a DOSINIA. I can’t even believe I saw the tiniest of 2 DOVE shells, a RICE OLIVE and a new find for me…. a BROWN-TIP MANGELIA (Kurtziella atrostyla).

Lucky Sanibel Horseshoe crab in the sunset0815-1

I looked through my loose change to take a photo of a coin to show just how tiny this shell was and I found a wheat penny- perfect! How in the world did I ever see this little magnificent shell? So happy I did! And yes, it has little “mango” accents (instead of boring brown) on it too.

Brown tip mangelia kurtziella atrostyla conidae family

Okay… what is all this mango stuff about, you ask? I’ve been sorta obsessed with our MANGO TREE this year. It has loads of juicy delicious mangoes hanging from every branch but we try to wait until they are fairly ripe before we pick them. But…. every morning we find half eaten mangoes on the ground. Grrrrr. Some critter was making a mess of our luscious fruit and I wanted to know exactly what critter was feasting on them. I had an idea the animal but I bought I critter cam to see for sure. hahaha I know- a little crazy but it worked! In this next photo, you can see in the far left that this evil cute little RACCOON was up on his hind legs about to pick that mango. Shooooo!

Sanibel Raccoon stealing mangoes 0815-2

Then his little RACCOON bff joined in on a little tango for the mango madness smorgasbord.

2 Sanibel Raccoons eating mangoes 0815

And then…. O.M.G. I caught a COYOTE in my backyard this morning on camera! Wow! There have been COYOTE sightings on Sanibel since 2011 and we’ve seen a few around the islands but I’ve never gotten a photo of them and I sure didn’t know they were roaming around in my backyard at 4:15am. I’ve never heard of a local COYOTE hurting a human but I’m just very happy that my little DustBall and PuppyCat kitties are safe inside and NEVER go outside.

Of course I wanted to name it (not sure if it’s a girl or boy), but I still haven’t come up with a name yet… Wildie Coyote? Tootie Fruitie Coyote? Mango Rambo? LOL Whaddaya think?

Rambo Sanibel Coyote


Life on Sanibel… day and night, there’s always something “wild” happening.

Join me on an iLoveShelling Adventure! For more info CLICK HERE  (I’m working on new dates for season- I should have those up soon!)



PS- I’m hoping its running much smoother now with most of the kinks worked out for the new site design. I’m not done reorganizing the categories menu yet either, but I’d love feed back if you think the dropdown menu is easier to look through too now. It was a mess- eeeeek- sorry!

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Belated Weekend Sanibel Shelling Report

Posted by on Aug 14, 2012 in Alphabet Cone, Florida Cone, Horse Conch, Raccoon | 50 comments

mid August Sanibel shells

My weekend shelling report is a little belated so let me apologize for not letting you feast you eyes on all of these terrific shells a little sooner. Did you see the ALPHABET CONE? (mine!) Did you see the FLORIDA CONE and the COLORFUL MOON SHELL? (Clark’s) I’m happy to say that we both can claim the rest of them as well as the candies in the SCALLOP .

miniature sanibel shells

We scoured the beaches starting at Sanibel’s Blind Pass where I met Lilly, Lyla and Tyler (Ohio) collecting shells in the wrack line and snorkeling in the water.

lilly lyla tyler collecting shells

This whole family visiting from Wisconsin realized they could feel for shells with their toes then dive down to bring up treasures. From let to right… Kathy, Nick, Alex (holding up a nice WORM SHELL!), Ethan, Kurt  and Sydney.

kathy nick alex ethan kurt sydney

Then we worked our way to Lighthouse Beach where I saw more snorkelers.

Josh Eli boys with shells

Josh and Eli were thrilled with the BANDED TULIPS and COCKLES they were finding. I was very impressed that Eli knew the names of every shell he had in his bucket.

blue shell bucket

I’ve talked about doing the “Sit N Sift” in a big shell pile but I think it’s just as fun doing the Sit N Sift in the gulf waters to escape the heat in August like most people were doing this past weekend. Either way, you feel like shouting “Eureka!” when find a good shell like you are panning for gold.

family collect sanibel seashells

I didn’t see this guy in the next photo on the beach but he was just so darn cute I had to share this photo. We didn’t see many RACCOONS on the island for a couple of years because of a distemper breakout but now they are slowly but surely coming back into sight. Welcome back home, Buddy!

sanibel raccoon

PS- I know RACCOONS are really cute, but please don’t feed the wildlife. :)



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