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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Beachcombing on Sanibel Island

Posted by on Mar 25, 2014 in Beach Art, Black-bellied Plover, Island Inn, Lettered Olive, Olive, Sanibel Hotels, Snowy Egret, Willet | 21 comments

Sanibel Shelling by Pam Rambo shelling

It still amazes me to walk the beach to see miles of seashells lining the coast…

paradise shells on a sanibel beach

Joann from New Jersey remembered her mother used to make jewelry from the shells she collected on Sanibel so wanted to come back to do the same.

Joann collects seashells on Sanibel

Combing the beach back and forth in front of Island Inn Sanibel, she found BANDED TULIPS, FIGHTING CONCH, OLIVES, LIGHTNING WHELKS, COQUINAS, CALICO SCALLOPS, APPLE MUREXES  and a sweet colorful NUTMEG.

Joanns sea shells of sanibel island island

Her brother Harry and his wife Joann (easy to remember!) from Tampa were thrilled to find so many shells they remembered as kids.

harry joann collecting shells on sanibel island florida

Sandy McFadin had commented on my iLoveShelling Facebook page last week asking what the shelling was like at Island Inn. Hmmm I hadn’t been in a while so this is for you Sandy! And… Sarah the ShellAnimal had requested another video so I started shooting a video at the Island Inn before the rain came in to chase us all off the beach. While I panned around to the shore, I caught Harry walking towards me then stopping to pick up a shell. Then he called out “Hey, I found four OLIVES!”

four olive shells and a conch

Come beach combing with me and you’ll see why I had to meet Harry and the Joanns. Click on the video…

The evening before this, Clark and I walked this same stretch of beach for sunset where Clark found a perfect FLAT SCALLOP and we had fun watching all of the birds like this beautiful SNOWY EGRET…

sanibel snowy egret bird profile


Black-bellied Plover on Sanibel Island Florida


willet bird on Sanibel Island, Florida

We also loved adding to this shell tree.

island inn sanibel shell tree

I made a wish when I added my shell…

Sanibel shell shrub

It was a perfect way to end a beautiful day…

sunset through a shell tree

wish upon a seashell tree

Wishing upon a shell shrub :)

sunset sea shell tree

With a beautiful beach, shells, sunsets and lively wildlife… it’s the perfect place to gather people who love shelling to join me for a 4 day shellathon during Shellabaloo! It’s coming up soon so don’t miss out for our April 24 event! CLICK HERE for more details. I love to meet new shellers!

shellabaloo 5


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Beach Treasures and Willet Birds

Posted by on Jan 30, 2011 in Crucifix Shell, Ring-Billed Gull, Sunsets, Willet | 18 comments

Shelling for Wentletraps

Shelling for Wentletraps

When the high tides sweep the beach of the larger shells and take them back out to sea, the hunt for smaller shells starts again along with any type of beach treasure. If you want to find the WENTLETRAPS, you’ve got to get down and dirty by bending those knees as much as possible. This is Clark at sunset at the Lighthouse Beach finding those little beauties.

Beach crucifix

Beach crucifix

I found a few wentles too but my best find was the head bone of a catfish called a CRUCIFIX SHELL. I know it sounds a little weird but it is a sign of good luck when you find one of these. Yippee! It’s gonna be a good week.

Sanibel Willet birds

Sanibel Willet birds

I also found myself paying closer attention to the birds around me since my calling to little miss cutie Sandy The Sanderling. I caught these WILLET birds (above) all resting on one leg right at the shore line. Do you know why birds stand on one leg? My friend Bonnie helped me on this one….. Because they are conserving their energy and reducing their heat loss. Smart, huh?

Gull eating seashell

Ring-billed Gull eating a seashell

Doesn’t this guy know better than to mess around with those PEN SHELLS? He didn’t get his beak caught like the Sanderling but geez, dude, watch out!

fish tooth


Maybe he lost this tooth trying to pry that shell open. LOL Yes, I know it’s not from a bird (birds don’t have teeth, silly) but what do you think it’s from?

While we think on that, let’s take a minute to relax and enjoy this scene at sunset.

Little girls at sunset

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