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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Boating and Beach Combing- Near Lovers Key

Posted by on Dec 28, 2013 in Angel Wing, Buttercup Lucine, Chalky Buttercup Lucine, Dolphin, Lover's Key Bonita Beach, Rose Tellin, Worm Shell | 24 comments

collect shells bonita beach florida lovers key park

Even though we’ve had good luck finding shells on Sanibel in the last week, it’s fun to visit other Southwest Florida beaches to see what different treasures are washing up. Since we haven’t taken our boat out in lawd knows how long, it was time to dust the Shellfish off and get out on the water.

boating lovers key

With the holiday hustle and bustle in high gear, Clark and I wanted a day to relax, float about and shell to our hearts content without a schedule.

lovers key beach florida

 It was an exshellent day for boating and beach combing near Lovers Key.

olives whelks telling moon venus angel wing worm

Here’s a closer look at the sweet shells we found. I’m always so happy when we find ROSE PETAL TELLINS! They are just …. well… pink and happy but we don’t find them as often on the beaches of Sanibel. And you know it’s a good day when we find WORMIES… oh yaya. So of course these are all my faves but the SHARKS EYE is a standout as well as that very bright yellowish PEAR WHELK on the top. You may have noticed that the SHARK’S EYE is nesting in a BUTTERCUP LUCINE, but did you notice the bivalve that the ROSE PETAL TELLINS are nesting in? It’s a CHALKY BUTTERCUP LUCINE. It’s a little hard to tell how much bigger it is than the “regular” BUTTERCUP LUCINE but you can see how much bigger it is if you look back at the first photo. It’s always fun to find shells we dont see that often on Sanibel… even if its a not-so-collectable bivalve like the beautiful ANGEL WINGS.

seashells from lovers key bonita beach florida

On our boat ride back to the marina, we spotted two DOLPHINS jumping out of the water in the wake of a pretty big boat. Weeeeee! I can’t believe I got a picture of them!

dolphin watching fort myers beach florida

Sending sunshine and seashells to you all.  Errrr… well, Carolina Girl Karen… that would be “Cyber sunshine and virtual seashells”. LOL

dolphins jumping for myers beach florida

Join us for a Shelling Adventure!

shelling adventures trips by pam

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Shelling Day Trip To Lovers Key State Park

Posted by on Mar 6, 2013 in Angel Wing, False Angel Wing, Lover's Key Bonita Beach, Rose Tellin, Worm Shell | 49 comments

rose petal tellins lovers key

 I felt like if was raining ROSE PETAL TELLINS at Lovers Key State Park this week.

rose tellins pink shells

We pulled up to one of the little islands and saw the sand dotted with pink. We didn’t find many pairs of ROSE PETAL TELLINS but it was so much fun seeing so many singles…

box rose petal tellins

The ANGEL WINGS were out by the dozens as well! I still havent had time to soak them overnight in a bleach solution (1/8 bleach to water) to start cleaning them but I wanted to show you how many we found…

angel wings lovers key

We found the smaller FALSE ANGEL WINGS too. Clark found most of the sweet doubles…

false angel wings


worm shell lovers key

Johnny Rescue and Jane wanted to take their new boat “Not His” out for the maiden voyage so they asked Clark and me if we wanted to tag along to Lovers Key. Errrr…. Well I should say “Jane’s new boat” hence the name “Not His”. LOL Even though it was a little chilly, of course we wanted to go. We bundled up and headed out. Here’e Jane in her new Mako…

jane not his boat

 We don’t get out to the beaches of Lovers Key often but we were pleasantly surprised how many shells and bling there was…

angel wing wrack lovers key

It’s only about 30 minutes from Sanibel to get to the island. I’m not sure about the parking or main beach since we went by boat but I’m sure we will be taking another trip back there soon by car to find out about those details.

But until then… how about a little CYBERSHELLING! Find your own ANGEL WINGS (you know I’ll never be able to write “Angel wing” any more without checking the dang spelling- ha!). Anyway, all along this whole stretch of beach, this was a typical site. Happy CYBERSHELLING! Click to enlarge…

cyber shelling angel wings

PS- Hope to see you at the Sanibel Shell Fair and Show the next few days!

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Rose Petal Tellins

Posted by on May 28, 2010 in Coquina, Lover's Key Bonita Beach, Rose Tellin, Tellin | 5 comments

“Lots of fun looking and were rewarded with quite a few doubles and many halves! We love shelling!! :-)” -from Tina

She found these ROSE PETAL TELLINS yesterday evening.  I don’t find these very often- mostly on sand bars and sand flats on Lover’s Key in Bonita Beach or North Capitva . Please let us know where you found them , Tina, when you get a chance (Sanibel?). Shell crafters love these shells since they are so colorful and larger than the colorful COQUINA. Great finds!

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