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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Warm Welcomed Weekend

Posted by on May 31, 2011 in Blue Heron, Gulf Oyster Drill, Sand Dollar, Sanibel | 13 comments

Sanibel sunset oyster drill

This is how our weekend started off on Friday. A calm, coral sky at sunset with a few shells scattered along the beach.

Gulf Oyster Drill

Gulf Oyster Drill

This is the cute little shell in foreground of the first photo. Cute, huh? It’s called a GULF OYSTER DRILL and this is what the aperture looks like…..

Gulf Oyster Drill Aperture

Gulf Oyster Drill Aperture

We are starting to see lots of live COQUINAS right at the surf’s edge getting washed up then quickly  digging themselves back into the sand.

Coquinas in the sand

There were a few Sanibel Stoopers enjoying the warm evening and the semi low tide pools off Middle Gulf Drive.

Sanibel Stoop Matt

I was so touched that Matt (OH) was collecting shells to make jewelry for his girlfriend. What a guy!

Matt (ohio) with seashells

Matt (Ohio)

We got a chance to stop by Sanibel side of Blind Pass this weekend too but instead of shelling the sand bar, we walked the beach down to the bayou where I spotted this GREAT BLUE HERON in flight.

Blue Heron flight

We were surprised to see so many shell piles!

shells on Sanibel by bayou

There were lots of FIGHTING CONCHS and WHELKS but I didn’t see any SAND DOLLARS until I met Stephanie from Ft Myers. She found about 6 SAND DOLLARS in her shell bag.

Stephanie seashells

Stephanie seashells

I havent had the chance to clean up the 14 inch HORSE CONCH Clark found this weekend (he’s still beaming) but tomorrow I’ll get that cleaned up and take a few photos then show the rest of the photos of our fabulous boating day.

surf shells sanibel

surf shells sanibel

We looked towards the pass and saw the rain coming. Head for the hills!

shells water clouds

Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend as we honored the memories of our fallen U.S. service men and women.

Sanibel beach south BP

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Super Sheller Clark Found A Huge Seashell

Posted by on May 29, 2011 in Cayo Costa, Conch, Horse Conch, Video | 45 comments

clark with horse conch

They don’t call Clark “Super Sheller” for nothin’. We took our boat to Cayo Costa for the Memorial Day weekend and since we haven’t been out there for a while, we headed in different directions to cover more ground…er… sand to find some shells. About 45 minutes later, Clark called me on my cell phone and said “Get ready for this one!”. Hmmmm. What did he find?

A 14″ (fourteen inches!) HORSE CONCH!!!!!

I got the shelling Rock Star on video…… (it might take a few seconds for the video to load, so hang on….it’s pretty cute)

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Phooners Found at Sanibel Lighthouse

Posted by on May 27, 2011 in Baby's Ear, Egg Cockle, Marginella, Sanibel, Sea Bean, Sea Pearl | 13 comments

Sanibel phoon

You probably do the Stoop while you are on Sanibel…. but do you Phoon? This was my first experience with phooning so I got a real kick out of it (no pun intended ;)). Definition: To Phoon is to do a pose in a “running man” position. Phooning is accepted anywhere and wherever there is a camera.

Meet the phooners…. Laurie (IL), Kim (IL), Chablis (IL), Wendy (CO) and Katy (CO)

Girls on Sanibel beach

Kim is a phooning expert, has a blog called Snug Harbor Bay where she talks about her neck of the woods, does geocaching (she had to explain that to me too) and of course…she’s a sheller. She is an interesting busy, busy bee!

baby's ear chablis Sanibel

Chablis was the lucky phooner who found the nice BABY’S EAR  and after looking at this TULIP SHELL EGG CASING, we decided to put it back in the water since it was still very hydrated and the sacs looked like they were about ready to pop out. We’re keeping our fingers crossed they survive.

Tulip Egg Casing

Tulip Egg Casing

Clark and I took a walk together later on in the day further west of the lighthouse near Seaside Inn and I found a BABY’S EAR too!

baby ear on the beach

I spotted another MARGINELLA! Now that now that I have them on my radar, I’ve found a few more.

Marginella with ark

Marginella on the left

Clark picked up an EGG COCKLE since we haven’t seen those in a while either.


Egg Cockle shell

Egg Cockle shell

This is the first SEA BEAN I’ve seen in a while too….

sea bean sea weed

sea bean in the sea weed

That’s what we do when we can’t find the SANIBEL SIX, we sift through the sea debris and look for “oddities” that we don’t  normally see. Wait! Hold on! I didn’t mean Phooning was an oddity! It’s not an oddity…… it’s a photo-optity.

High Tide sanibel Lighthouse

i Heart Shells

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Olive Circles In The Sand

Posted by on May 25, 2011 in Live Olive Video, Video | 23 comments

Really low tides expose parts of the sea’s floor we normally don’t get to see. This past week during the evening low tides, I videoed a live SHARK’S EYE in my hand and also showed you the STARFISH cruising the tide pool on my last post Go Starfish Go. Well, I’ve got another video for you too…. a live OLIVE scooting along in the sand near the east end of Sanibel near the lighthouse. It is nice to find shells to take home but it’s even cooler to see live, healthy creatures hanging out in their own little world. Enjoy!

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Go Starfish, Go!

Posted by on May 23, 2011 in Lined Sea Star, Live Starfish Video, Sanibel, Starfish, Video | 14 comments

Or…. go little mini HERMIT CRABS! I caught a speedy LINED STARFISH on video at the lighthouse beach last week at low tide making use of the hundreds of legs he has. Do you think Mr. SEA STAR was running after these mini HERMIT CRABS to have a nice little appetizer? They are carnivores so I could have interrupted dinner time- oops!

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