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Sanibel Shelling on Memorial Weekend

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Colorful moon snail image

Colorful moon snail

The moon was full and the low tides were in the early evening this weekend so it was a perfect time to get out and see Mother Nature on the beaches of Sanibel Island. This COLORFUL MOON SNAILwas about 2 1/2 inches round and so beautiful….but I didn’t get to bring it home because he was still alive and well…. that’s a good thing.

apple murex egg case image

apple murex egg case

Last week I posted a picture of an APPLE MUREX mound then MurexKen commented on that post to let us know that it was a female laying eggs. Now, look what I found! This is what those eggs look like with some of the murexes still surrounding them.

Murex egg case image

Murex egg case

I found another smaller egg case too with only one murex still on it. Not sure if this is the female still laying more eggs but if so, where did all of her men go to?? Did she run them off?

King's crown egg case image

King's crown with egg case

We hit the jackpot when we found this perfect KING’S CROWN in a shallow low tide pool on the east end. When we  picked it up, we realized that it was still alive…. but more importantly, she was laying eggs too! She found an old FIGHTING CONCH and decided this would be a perfect place to “birth her babies” 😉 . We gently put her back in the water where we found her so she could go about her way. We may not have been able to keep that gorgeous shell but just seeing Mother Nature  in progress was hitting that jackpot for us.

Cathy (Orlando, FL)

Cathy from Orlando had her cup over-floweth with CALICO SCALLOPS, WHELKS, MUREXES and other treasures. She said she loves to come for weekends to go shelling any chance she gets. It was a beautiful Memorial Day holiday weekend for her to choose.

Low tide shelling


Rose Petal Tellins

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“Lots of fun looking and were rewarded with quite a few doubles and many halves! We love shelling!! :-)” -from Tina

She found these ROSE PETAL TELLINS yesterday evening.  I don’t find these very often- mostly on sand bars and sand flats on Lover’s Key in Bonita Beach or North Capitva . Please let us know where you found them , Tina, when you get a chance (Sanibel?). Shell crafters love these shells since they are so colorful and larger than the colorful COQUINA. Great finds!


The Gulf is Alive and Well

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Low tide exposed so many live shells this afternoon at the shoreline on Sanibel. We thought we’d find lots of shells to bring home but not today- they were all live. That’s a good thing! It’s wonderful to see all of this sea life alive, well, eating and breeding.

Did you know that live SAND DOLLARS are brown and fuzzy on the bottom and edges? The white smooth ones are dead and you can take them home….if they don’t break on the way.

I think this was the first time I’ve ever seen a live OLIVE! Cool!  Can you believe this clump of MUREXES all piled on that PEN SHELL?  Of course, after I snapped a photo of these live shells we put them back where we found them….to live happily ever after.

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