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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

My Latest Stories from the beach

Breakfast of Shelling Champions

Posted by on Oct 20, 2013 in Apple, Banded tulip, Horse Conch, low tide, Murex, Nutmeg, Pear Whelk, Shark's Eye, Tulip, Whelk | 14 comments

banded tulip sanibel sunrise october

I may not be a champion but I like my weekend breakfast to be garnished with TULIPS while I fill up on PEARS….

pear whelk at low tide sanibel florida

Quite a few PEAR WHELKS …

pear whelk with purple sun rise

With a little NUTMEG…

nutmeg in sunrise sanibel

This weekend’s low tides were in the early morning so it was such a treat to see the sunrise… and to collect the shells from the shallow tidal pools.

But I started the weekend running into an awesome family at Blind Pass Captiva around sunset as they were just packing up all the shells they found after snorkeling. Paul, Darren, Gabe, Kyle, Emily, Ellie from Naples are all like shelling encyclopedias. They knew the names of all of their shells and little tid bits about them too. Hmmmm… “Enshellopedias”! Ha! They were so much fun to talk to…

shelling family vacation sanibel captiva florida

They found lots of CONCHS, WHELKS, TULIPS, COCKLES, OLIVES  and all sorts of treasures. You know I love to peek at other people’s shells so I was thrilled to take a look into Paul’s green shell bag. Wanna see too? Ha! I knew it! Here you go… Fun!

shell bag sanibel captiva florida blind pass

The next morning at the Lighthouse Beach, I met Charity holding a double ATLANTIC GIANT COCKLE she was holding like a treasure box. It was a treasure box! She had filled the COCKLE with all of her other tiny treasures she found at low tide.

charity with sea shells sanibel

I met the rest of her family… Janssen, Lynn Ann and Joann visiting Sanibel from the Tampa area…

janssen LynnAnn charity Joanne

Lynn Ann told me that they found all of these shell like the fab SHARKS EYE, HORSE CONCH and APPLE MUREXES (and the SEA BEAN) at the tip of the island in front of the lighthouse.

sanibel shells found in october

At low tide, it’s always glorious to see and touch live MOLLUSKS… especially this live 14 inch HORSE CONCH. No worries- this creature was very happy to be put back into the water where it could keep healthy and hopefully have lots of babies.

live horse conch sanibel beach


I’ve never been much of a morning person (I know. Sounds crazy for an obsessed sheller like me to say that but it’s just the truth)… so I hope this next season I learn to enjoy mornings like I did this weekend. I meet people like Angela from the Outer Banks of North Carolina who was too shy for me to take her picture but made a big impression on me. It was a pleasure to talk with you Angela!

shells found on sanibel florida

But now that I think about it, I doesn’t really matter what time of day it is. I always find shells and I always meet awesome people shellers. I meet them finding shells at breakfast time , lunch time , afternoon snack time, dinner and evening snack time. It really doesnt matter! Errrr. I might sleep in tomorrow morning. heehee

sanibel stoop in aqua

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Artists Painting Sanibel Sunsets

Posted by on Oct 17, 2013 in Sunsets | 32 comments

palm trees on the beach at sunset sanibel

Watching a Sanibel sunset is like watching an artist paint their interpretation of paradise on canvas.

paradise sunset with palm trees

Each night a different artist’s painting is featured…but for only a few minutes.

sanibel sunset with sea oats

The feeling of peace is expressed in each piece of art to create the perfect ending for each day.

palm tree in yellow sunset

A momentous occasion is witnessed in each evenings performance.

sunsets of sanibel in paradise

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Seashells As Cute As A Button

Posted by on Oct 15, 2013 in Uncategorized | 23 comments

seashells beach daisy gulf side city park sanibel

The weather in Sanibel has been absolutely gorgeous with warm sunny days perfect for long walks combing the beach.  Earlier this month, I was in a shelling frenzy following the tropical storm in the Gulf but this week … I can calmly breath in the day to stroll along the shore to look for the smaller pleasures. Ahhhhh. Keep calm, relax and shell for minis. Can you believe Clark found a BUTTON SHELL (inside the CLAM shell) smaller than these two WENTLETRAPS (inside the SCALLOP)? It’s adorable!

sanibel shell collection with beach daisy

The gulf is also calm and blue with lots of gulls and shore birds fluttering about so shelling at Gulfside City Park with Clark at low tide yesterday afternoon was pure and simple happiness.

gulf side city park Sanibel island florida shelling

We found a few more treasures but only wanted to bring home a few of our faves… although I’m not sure which ones are my very favorite ones. It’s a toss up between that tiny baby TURKEY WING, the BUTTON SHELL, the HORSE CONCHS, those LETTERED OLIVES with the fab colors… oh geez… I don’t think I can choose…. because look at that baby TOP SHELL too! It’s as cute as the BUTTON SHELL! Oh Yes- I think that says it all. It’s as cute as a BUTTON.

miniature and juvenile shells sanibel beach daisy

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