On A Seahorse Beach Grass Sleigh

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seahorse santa

Combing through the BLING. On a SEAHORSE beach grass sleigh, Over the beaches she goes, Laughing all the way! Ho Ho Ho

find a seashorse

Merry Christmas, Mimi! Mimi from Memphis found this beautiful SEAHORSE tangled up in the BEACH BLING grasses by Gulfside City Park.

mimi found seahorse in sea grass

It was like Santa buckled that SEAHORSE up in a open Beach Grass sleigh then sent it on its way for Mimi to find her gift from the sea. There had to be hundreds of other beach combers that walked passed those bundles of BLING but it took Mimi’s patience and keen eye to pick through those weeds to find her beach treasure. I think Santa knew that she would be that special sheller to find it.

mimi sanibel seahorse

Congratshellations Mimi! I am so happy I was there to witness your merry rare find and spend a glorious morning on the beach with you and Al!

sanibel seahorse beach

beach birds sanibel

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double jewel box

Magnificent seashell treasures can be found on Sanibel when so much of the beach is exposed during very low tides like this morning at Gulfside City Park.

seashelling sanibel

Shelling at a really low tide gives you several beach combing options as well. The high tide wrack line can produce new shells to sift through but I always feel like I  can look through those shells on my walk back since it will take some time for the tide to come back in to cover those up.

high tide wrack line sanibel

So I search the tidal pools and areas of the beach that are newly exposed at the shore line which will be covered up quickly when the tide starts to come in. That’s where I found an ANGEL WING and DOUBLE ATLANTIC GIANT COCKLE..

angel wing double cockle

Oodles of juvie FIGHTING CONCHS…

seashells to collect on Sanibel

During these low tides, shells (MOLLUSKS) may still be alive or have live HERMIT CRABS in them so you have to look very carefully not to take any shells with live creatures in them. So when I saw this upside down SHARK’S EYE , I still had to check to make sure there was no live animal inside. Nope! Nobody was home! A keeper!

sharks eye seashell

Along with the SHARK’S EYE, I kept this gorgeous multicolored CALICO SCALLOP, double JEWELBOX and a pretty orange-ish TRUE TULIP…

pams favorite seashells of day

Speaking of SHARK’S EYES, Jeanne from South Carolina found this aaawesooome one…

sharks eye moon shell sanibel

She and her daughter Rachel were finding their shell loot by combing the tide pool.

rachel jeanne seashelling sanibel

These were Rachel’s faves she found…

assorted seashells sanibel rachel

Did you spot that orange JINGLE near the tip of her finger? It has both valves! Yes, it’s a double JINGLE! She said it was just laying in the very shallow water in the tidal pool not attached to anything. I rarely see both sides together without having to pry it off a PEN SHELL. Cool! Here’s a better view…

double jingle shell sanibel

I also met Shannon from new Hampshire who collected a whole bag of goodies…

shannon new hampshire seashells

Her favorites included a PAPER FIG…

seashells shannon sanibel

Further down the beach, I met Mary from Charlottesville, VA …

Mary seashells sanibel

I was super excited to see she picked up part of a FULGURATOR OLIVE. She had no idea what it was but knew it was special enough to keep it. The same goes for the THORNY OYSTER (the bivalve with the orange around the edge). I rarely see those shells.

seashells crab shell

If you want to see exactly what it looked like on my shelling walk this morning,  clicking the next video image!

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Gift Of The Sea Bean

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sea pearl hot beans

Life has been hustling and bustling with holiday festivities so to sink my toes in the sand yesterday was heaven on earth. Just to breath the sea air and hear the water lapping on the shore gave me the peace I needed. I had no expectations to find any rare collectables but the actual combing of the beach is what I knew I needed. Ahhhhh. Mother Nature always seems to give me the perfect gift of the sea. Yesterday’s gift was a handful of SEA PEARLS!

sea pearl burn bean

A few weeks ago, I had a local fella who grew up on Sanibel come to the house to fix a few things. As soon as he saw my little “dish” of SEA PEARLS, he started laughing and told me those “Hot Rocks” brought back funny memories of his boyhood life growing up on the island. He said they would rub the SEA BEANS back and forth at a fast pace on the sidewalk, jeans, wood or just about anything to get those PEARLS hot as the dickens. Then they would touch the “Hot Rock” on the skin of their unsuspecting victim to shock them with heat. LOL Boys will be boys! Thank goodness, they aren’t hot enough to do any damage other than the other boys ego after screaming like a “girl”. hahah Okay, yes, I tried it just to see how hot is gets. It’s just hot enough to give a little startle….but I see why it was a kids game on the island. I’ve heard them called “Burn Beans”, “Hot Beans” and “Burner Seeds” but that was the first time I heard them called “Hot Rocks”- thanks Paul!

Want to find a few SEA PEARLS  too? Then talk a walk with me at the Lighthouse Beach by clicking the next image… YouTube Preview Image

PS- I know that little rope bracelet looks a little ratty now but I can’t bring myself to take it off because I still love it too much and it still makes me very happy. I wrote about it in May… “While on our trip to Thailand, we were blessed by a Monk who wrapped this string with a knot around our wrists. I was told it was called a “spiritual line” and we are to wear it until it falls off and not to cut it off. It is for good luck, good health and to remind us every day that today is special so live it that way. I immediately thought of those strings I used to tie around my finger to remind me to do something. So every day now when I look at this string on my wrist I am reminded that today is a gift.” 


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