hatsue limoru shell craft

The 76th Sanibel Shell Fair and Show has taken my breath away yet again. Each and every year I’m overwhelmed with the scientific exhibits, talented shell artists and creative minds that contribute to this show. Honestly, how did Judy Mackey have the vision to make this award winning seashell crown… perfect for the highest of the mermaid queens?

judy mackey shell craft

Can you imagine the patience that it took to design this dazzling trinket box?

seashell trinket box

How did Jan Harper think of making a seashell cupcake?

Jan Harper Delightful

Did Amy Tripp do the happy dance for a week after finding this ultra FREAK FIGHTING CONCH she added to her blue ribbon for the “Color Your World” theme exhibit?

freak fighting conch

Here’s Amy with her husband Bill in front of their display…

amy bill tripp shell award

And I had even more questions… How long did Mary Burton shellebrate after she found this ARROW DWARF TRITON off West Gulf Drive on Sanibel that she entered in the “Single Self Collected Sanibel Captiva Shell” category?

arrow dwarf triton mary burton

And how happy do you think Charlotte Thorpe is to win the Conchologists of America award presented by judges John Slapcinsky (collections manager for the Malacology Department at the Florida Museum of Natural History) and Jerry Harasewych (Curator in the Department of Invertebrate Zoology at the Smithsonian Institution)?

John Slapcinsky Thorpe Jerry Harasewych

Okay, so now you see that these exhibits were oozing with talent. But wait, more talent! David Rhyne’s double Sailors Valentine won Best In Show this year…

best in show shell david rhyne

Artist Judy Dinnick won best single Sailors Valentine…

judy dinnick shell craft

See? So many exhibits took my breath away. And just take a look at some more amazing creations…

hobbyist peter gabel shell craft

susan lloyd shell craft

cheryl whitten shell craft

gera reid sailors valentine

constance marshall miller valentine

sally arbib sailors valentine

And last but not least, I saw this piece by Mary Giambruno that was called “My Beach Bling”. Oh how that warms my heart! Who doesn’t love some good BEACH BLING? What a fun show!

beach bling mary giambruno collage

PS- One more week until we can shell together at Cayo Costa on March 16th! Click on the next image for more info…





rose petal tellins lovers key

 I felt like if was raining ROSE PETAL TELLINS at Lovers Key State Park this week.

rose tellins pink shells

We pulled up to one of the little islands and saw the sand dotted with pink. We didn’t find many pairs of ROSE PETAL TELLINS but it was so much fun seeing so many singles…

box rose petal tellins

The ANGEL WINGS were out by the dozens as well! I still havent had time to soak them overnight in a bleach solution (1/8 bleach to water) to start cleaning them but I wanted to show you how many we found…

angel wings lovers key

We found the smaller FALSE ANGEL WINGS too. Clark found most of the sweet doubles…

false angel wings


worm shell lovers key

Johnny Rescue and Jane wanted to take their new boat “Not His” out for the maiden voyage so they asked Clark and me if we wanted to tag along to Lovers Key. Errrr…. Well I should say “Jane’s new boat” hence the name “Not His”. LOL Even though it was a little chilly, of course we wanted to go. We bundled up and headed out. Here’e Jane in her new Mako…

jane not his boat

 We don’t get out to the beaches of Lovers Key often but we were pleasantly surprised how many shells and bling there was…

angel wing wrack lovers key

It’s only about 30 minutes from Sanibel to get to the island. I’m not sure about the parking or main beach since we went by boat but I’m sure we will be taking another trip back there soon by car to find out about those details.

But until then… how about a little CYBERSHELLING! Find your own ANGEL WINGS (you know I’ll never be able to write “Angel wing” any more without checking the dang spelling- ha!). Anyway, all along this whole stretch of beach, this was a typical site. Happy CYBERSHELLING! Click to enlarge…

cyber shelling angel wings

PS- Hope to see you at the Sanibel Shell Fair and Show the next few days!

pam fulgurator olive

Note to Self: Check off “Find a Fulgurator Olive” on my seashell bucket list!

pam hand fulgurator olive

Oh Yaya! After a weekend of chilly north winds, I found my first FULGURATOR OLIVE at Blind Pass.

me fulgurator olive ap

I found it washing up in a somewhat small shell pile about 100 yards from the jetty rocks on the Captiva side. I saw only a few shells near the jetty but when I looked down the beach further into Captiva I saw several people perfecting the Sanibel Stoop (or I should say the Captiva Crouch) then saw the small pile being formed…

shell pile captiva florida beach

Wow! When I got there, this is what most of the “Stooper’s” shell bags looked like…

shell bag collection

scallop shells red bag

Pretty awesome, huh? Karen (the first white shell bag), Lorrie (the red shell bag with all the beautiful SCALLOPS) and Dave were all from Wisconsin so the 50 degree weather didnt bother them a bit. Especially since they were finding such good shells. Oh and Dave, thanks for taking my picture with my treasure too. ;)

karen lorrie dave shelling each

Then I met another Dave (he’s from NJ) scooping up his own treasures…

shelling dave captiva

Take a look at his gorgeous LACE MUREX, FLORIDA CONE and BANDED TULIP. I love the color of the LACE MUREX!

dave lace murex cone

I was watching the shells roll in and snapped this photo of Dave using his “shelling backhoe”. The second I stood up (of course keeping my eyes on the shells), I spotted my FULGURATOR in the corner of my eye but lost it with the next wave. I stood there for less than a minute keeping my eyes on every shell washing up… and there it was again! Snag! Yeeha! I’ve looked for it in this photo several times to see if I could find it but it’s not the right angle. Its in there somewhere…

scooping shells beach

Karen’s husband Scott returned (to our lucky shell pile) from a walk down the beach…

karen scott couple beach

It must not have been just our shell pile that was “lucky” because Scott found his own luck. Look at those huge SHARKS EYES, his own brown colored LACE MUREX, ALPHABET CONE, BANDED TULIP and WHELKS, CONCHS and LETTERED OLIVES galore…

scott seashells captiva

We moved to Florida because we aren’t big fans of cold weather. But when the north winds bring in shells like this… bring on the cold weather! And bring me more shells like this!

fulgurator alphabet

PS- Join Super Sheller Clark and me on an iLoveShelling cruise to Cayo Costa Island on an awesome shelling adventure. The next one is Saturday March 16, 2013! Click on the next image for more info…