Hurricane Sandy west coast of Florida

Hurricane Sandy ripped through Jamaica, Cuba, Bahamas and is giving the east coast of the United States a huge scare. All we can do here on the west coast of Florida is hope that she doesn’t do any major harm to anybody else in her path… and wait for her north west winds to bring us shells. I took a short video of the winds from yesterday at Blind Pass Captiva which looks just like this today so far as well.

Ohhhhhh. For 2 days, we’ve had strong northwest winds up to 30mph so I can’t wait to see what Sandy will bring us! She’s appropriately named because all she’s brought us so far is … sand… but I’m hoping tomorrow she will give us the seashell goods we’ve been waiting for!

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Sara and Ava Swedish Television

Sanibel and Captiva are featured on Swedish National Television!

I was very fortunate to have spent a few hours back in March on the beach with SVT reporter Sara and videographer Ava (both from Sweden) to show them why our beaches are so special…. of course my answer would be….shelling!  I had so much fun with them!

sara, pam, ava swedish tv

They also filmed other great ways to enjoy our islands like fishing, biking, wildlife and the great restaurants to paint the gorgeous picture of why we all love it here so much. This excellent film will run this month on Sveriges Television (SVT) which is the Swedish public service television company with the widest range of programming of all TV companies in Sweden.

I thought you’d like to see it too! So here is this piece on our sweet Sanibel made for the popular SVT lifestyle show called “Good Evening”… or in Swedish “Go’kväll“.

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sanibel captiva beach photo shoot


Captiva’s New Shelling Spot

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conch shells captiva

We usually see beautiful seashells rolling on to the beach next to the jetty rocks on Captiva at Blind Pass but the best shelling spot has now moved down the beach. I walked the shoreline from the jetty to find Eldon wading through the water with a hand full of seashells. He said he was only snorkeling for 5 minutes to find all of the empty gorgeous FIGHTING CONCHS pictured above. Here is Eldon with Ronda and his darling son Micah…

Ronda Eldon baby Micah family shelling

As I walked further down the beach into Captiva, I overheard Stacey telling her daughter Gracie that she just missed a good shell in one of the waves that washed in. She said ” This is just like shopping at HomeGoods! If you see something you want, you better snag it up right away because it won’t be there in another second.” LOL It’s so true! Here’s Gracie and Stacey showing off some of their shells that didn’t get away.

Gracie, Stacey Family shelling captiva

 Jennifer and Cindy were thrilled to wade in the clear shallow water to find LIGHTNING WHELKS and lots of CONCHS.

jennifer, cindy captiva  shellers

The CONCHS are so beautiful!

Fighting conch seashell captiva

I was thrilled to find candy! A HORSE CONCH and a BITTERSWEET were my fave finds.

horse conch bittersweet shells

I took a short video to show you where this new spot is and how far it is from the jetty rocks at Blind Pass Captiva on this beautiful beach.

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