Time for an island vacation giveaway

Yes, you read that right! You can enter to win a shelling vacation of a lifetime!

It is time to get you on Sanibel Island to shell your hearts out because you have a chance to win a 5-day shelling vacation brought to you by our awesome Lee County Visitors Bureau. And I’m thrilled to be part of this giveaway as well because it includes a warm welcome guided shelling adventure by yours truly (me!) to help you shellebrate your exshellent prize … and you also get a fab shelling cruise to Cayo Costa. Spectacsheller, right?

Here are the details for the Grand Prize…UPDATE: contest is CLOSED and the winner has been chosen. See below

But Wait! Holy Cowrie, that’s not it! You can win daily iLoveShelling prizes like goodie bags filled with iLoveShelling tees or tanks, caps, waterproof Shell ID guides and of course shell bags filled with precious Southwest Florida shells that Clark and I collected from our beaches.

UPDATE: June 3, 2013- You can only enter the daily giveaways from entering on a computer. It won’t work on a cell phone- sorry guys!

This vacation sweepstakes will run from June 1-15, 2013 so enter now by CLICKING HERE.

What are you still doing here??? I’m so excited to see who wins so go and enter so you can get this prize! If you have any questions, they should all be answered when you enter this shellacious give away by CLICKING HERE. Good luck, y’all!

UPDATE 6-01-13: The drawing is over and the winners are posted at http://www.fortmyers-sanibel.com. Congratulations Dotti for winning this Shelling vacation!

lee county visitors bureau

Colorful Sanibel seashells

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The Amazing Shell Mound

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Lori lots of seashells

 The mound of shells at Captiva’s Blind Pass has been a treasure trove for over a month now. I figured it had to be picked over so much that only broken shells were left (not that there’s anything wrong with that 😉 ) … but I would be wrong. This amazing shell mound just keep on giving! Lori and her husband Justine from New Mexico found keepers on that big ole mound… and also in the water.

dustin lori seashells captiva florida

Look at this loot! Pretty dang good finds of CONCHS, OLIVES, TULIPS, WHELKS and even a SHARKS EYE…

find seashells florida

Susan and Sam from Tennessee were loving life finding shells and enjoying the perfect weather in the mid 80s with a killer cool breeze.

susan sam shells captiva florida

seashells from florida may iLS

Ray and Rena (Fort Myers) were all smiles while enjoying the day and filling up their 2 bags with shells…

ray rena ft myers seashells

Rena even found three FALT SCALLOPS!

flat scallop zigzag captiva florida

We’ve had strong east winds for a couple of days now so some of the Sanibel beaches don’t have as many shells on them as this spot by the jetty rocks. So plop on down and enjoy the day at Blind Pass Captiva tomorrow if you arent having luck any where else.

captiva crouch shells

Or…. you have to be as adventurous as Kristi E’s son. Kristi E posted this photo on the iLoveShelling Facebook page and wrote… “Just had to post! My 14 y/o found his first junonia Tuesday on Captiva, about 1.5 mi north of Blind Pass at high tide about 10 ft out, so exciting!” . I couldnt help but share this! Congratshellations!

Kristi E son junonia captiva



Sanibel Weekend Wonderland

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live fighting conchs tarpon beach

After seeing so many empty shells at Blind Pass at the beginning of the weekend, we wanted to see what Tarpon Bay Rd Beach access looked like with the extreme low tide. This beach looked so different and we saw so many live shells like in the first photo with the live FIGHTING CONCHS every where. We also saw this LIGHTNING WHELK making a meal out of this ATLANTIC GIANT COCKLE. He had his body (the black part) completely inside the COCKLE shell eating the meat for dinner. Wild.

lightning whelk vs cockle

This COCKLE SHELL was on the losing side of this fight as well since an APPLE MUREX was making COCKLE soup out of this guy…

cockle murex fight

I also saw several SEA CUCUMBERS stranded on the low tide sand bars…which I dug a little trench for this guy since he seemed still so healthy.

live sea cucumber tarpon

I was so thrilled by seeing all of the living creatures (oodles of live OLIVES as well), I pretty much came home without any shells. I say “pretty much”… because I had Super Sheller Clark with me. I may have come home empty handed but Clark found an excellent HORSE CONCH while I was tracing the trail of something I thought was a live BABY’S EAR. I wanted to get it on video so I starting shooting (I edited it so you dont have to watch the boring part where I find nothing…then nothing…then nothing) and while I was shooting I heard Clark call my name…. YouTube Preview Image

We havent even had time to clean it up but it is a beauty. I’m also tickled to have one this size because normally you find them when they are really tiny or see them big adults not the teenager size. Hmmmm… wonder why? Then he found another one!

Horse conchs tarpon sanibel

It was a beautiful weekend with the evenings spent on the beach for low tide and meeting such wonderful families like Rob and Melanie from Melbourne, FL with their two daughters Allison and Lexie. What’s not to love!

Allison rob melanie lexie family shells