i Heart Shelling in February

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i love shelling heart iLSI love shelling because it fills my soul with happiness when I find the smallest of shells like this sweet little juvie PEAR WHELK on the beach that I’ve circled in the photo with my big heart. It looked like there was only sand washing up on the inside of the jetty at Blind Pass yesterday…

blind pass inside sand

But I didn’t give up since the day was warm and beautiful and I had a few minutes just to take it all in.  I found a nice little shell pile to sift through…

sea shells foam florida

In that small pile, there was a beautiful FIGHTING CONCH. And laying right beside that CONCH was a nice size LETTERED OLIVE. Do you see it?

seashells sea foam florida

I sifted a bit more and I found my sweet PEAR WHELK. That’s when I saw Dave and Peg from Cincinnati and he told me he a found his first JUNONIA this week! Wahoo! But he didn’t have it with him. Rasher-frasher! (What cartoon that was from??),  I wanted to see it. He was thrilled to show it off so they ran back to their place to get it! Ha! Fantastic! Here they are!

peg dave fulgurator junonia

This is Dave’s awesome JUNONIA that he found at this spot in the water right at the trough line. In the last week, I haven’t seen obvious big shell piles anywhere but everybody that has found nice shells has been hunting in the water just like Dave. He said there were only a few shells showing but he kept scooping at that spot and came up with this JUNONIA. Perseverance. Congratshellations!

dave junonia

I love it because it has so much character! If only this shell could tell its story…

junonia ap dave

Did you notice Peg has a shell in her hand too? She found a FULGURATOR OLIVE!!!! She actually found it a few weeks ago on the other side of the pass when we had the cold snap but since they went back to get Dave’s JUNONIA, she wanted to show me this too. AWESOME!!!!

golden fulgurator olives

And within the last month, she found TWO GOLDEN OLIVES as well. Wowza! They have found some spectacsheller treasure in the last month. We had to shellebrate! Since this was yesterday (Tuesday, February 12), I shared my Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras beads with seashells, mermaids, lobsters and flip flops that Linda From Pensacola gave me. Thank you Linda! That’s so sweet! They went to great use since I had a great time sharing them all day long.

seashell mardi gras beads

So I hope you had a fabulous Fat Tuesday yesterday and will have a marvelous Valentines tomorrow!

i love shelling heart

Don’t forget to check out the new dates to join us in one of our Shelling Adventures by CLICKING  HERE or the next image!

iLoveShelling ShellingAdventures

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Sanibel Shellabaloo 2 For You!

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Island Inn Shellabaloo 2

That’s right!  Shellabaloo 2 will be May 6, 7, 8 and 9 this year 2013!

If you missed the first Shellabaloo in January, you missed a spectacsheller time …but now it’s YOUR chance to have all the fun! Shell to your hearts content and at the same time, get to know other shell crazy people with the same shelling passion as you. I can’t wait either because I’ll get to hang out and bond with shellacious people just like me for 3 days! It’s a blast!

shellabaloo 1 2013

Here is what the Shellabaloo 2 will be all about!

Island Inn Sanibel Street Sign

It’s a shellabaloo at Island Inn Beachfront Resort May 6-9, 2013! Island Inn has put together a spectacsheller shelling package  so we can shell together and get to know each other. It will be soooo exciting to meet y’all! There’s no telling what we will find by sharing all of our shelling secrets.

Old style Sanibel Island Inn

If you are familiar with the Island Inn, you know that it is a beachfront hotel that has kept the unique feel of “old Florida charm” with a rich history of seashells. This was where the Sanibel Shell Fair and Show was first started.

Island Inn Sanibel Office

You will feel right at home. Throughout the lobby, there are shell displays. I think they love shells as much as we do!

Island inn Sanibel shell display

So let me tell you more about our shellers’ retreat. On may 6th after your private tour of the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum, I will join you back at Island Inn with a meet and greet (in other words… paarrrtaaay!) and dinner at one of Sanibel’s best restaurants called Traditions On The Beach. And guess what, Super Sheller Clark will be there too!

Sanibel Restaurant on the beach Traditions

Then the next morning, you wake up to the sound of those seashells calling your name… so we’ll hit the beaches for an amazing shellathon!

shelling sanibel turner beach

Not only will we have a great treasure hunt, but Island Inn will deliver a scrumptious picnic lunch to us on the beach. This turns into the perfect time for “show and tell” to share a few of your favorite seashell treasures of the morning’s hunt and re-energize for the afternoon shelling adventure.

shellabaloo lunch

 On Wednesday the 8th, Island Inn has provided another exshellent adventure for us as well… A Captiva Cruises full day boat trip to Cayo Costa! Wahoo! There’s a good chance we’ll get to see dolphins and manatees on the way there too. Another reason why we love shelling.

Captiva Cruises Playtime

Yall know how much Clark and I love to shell around the tree roots at Cayo Costa so now I’ll be able to shell this area with YOU.

Loads of shells in the tree roots on Cayo Costa

If your travel buddy doesn’t want to spend every waking moment shelling (really? ;)), there are plenty of options just steps away from your room. Like relaxing by the pool with a view of the gulf.

Island Inn Sanibel beach pool

Or playing shuffleboard with a view of the gulf…

island Inn Sanibel shuffle board

Play horseshoes … and yes, also with a view of the gulf.

Island Inn Horse shoes beach

They also have stand up paddle boards and kayaks you can rent out.

Island Inn sup kayak sanibel

Or you could rent a bike to check out the rest of the island…

sanibel island inn bikes

But the most important thing is… I do hope that we get to shell together to make our shelling connections even stronger. So Join us! Here are some details that Island Inn has graciously put together for us…

iloveshelling hotel package

Call 800-851-5088 today and reserve your spot for this awesome exshellaganza by booking a room for 2 or 3…

island inn sanibel room pic

… or a cottage that sleeps 6 to 8!

island inn sanibel cottage hotel room

For more detailed information and itinerary CLICK HERE.

sanibel shellers row

Thank you Island Inn for organizing this event. This is going to be a shell of a good time for all of us! So join in on the fun by calling Island Inn for accommodations pricing and any details and they can answer any of your questions at 800-851-5088. Don’t miss out on the shelladventure of a lifetime!

sunset at Island Inn Sanibel

 FYI- Remember, This sold out in 36 hours after I posted the January event so don’t wait since there are only 25 spots available. Hope to see you soon!

pam rambo iLoveShelling



Sending Warm Weather With Love

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shell seeker sunset

As Jack Frost nips at the noses of you folks in the NorthEast, I want to send you some warm thoughts. I wish I could send you the warm weather too but my photos from the Sanibel Lighthouse Beach from last night will have to do for now. I was walking the up on the beach in the wrack lines and found a few sweet minis…

mini shells pam palm

 You may notice that something is missing from the photo above. Boohoo. For over 8 months, the photos of the shells in my hand were accompanied by my spiritual line bracelet that was given to me when I was blessed by a Buddhist Monk in Thailand. It fell off naturally… just like it was supposed to do.  I miss it already but it’s okay. I know that every day is a gift so I don’t need it to remind of that any more.

Anyhoo, let’s get back to the lighthouse! Clark was working the shelling backhoe in the water just off  the surf line. He was finding lots of cute minis as well but then he found something he had to have me see immediately. A juvie ALPHABET CONE!!! SUPER SHELLER CLARK  is back in action! We don’t find them this small very often so it’s always exciting to see how stinkin cute they are…

juvenile alphabet cone clark

Then he started really looking for the minis. We saw the “coffee grounds” and “crumbles” which are normally where we find the WENTLETRAPS. See that dark area in the water that Clark is picking through? See how it looks like coffee grounds? That’s one clue we look for when we want to find wentles and minis…

clark rambo seashells

We didn’t find many of the WENTLETRAPS but we did some a few. They aren’t shown in his hand, but he found these other cuties…

clark mini seashells

It was almost dark when he found another really cool LETTERED OLIVE. Well, I’m just assuming this is a LETTERED OLIVE. It had such an unusual coloration but the form is a bit different as well. It looks like a GOLDEN OLIVE from this side (and notice that darker color strip along the lip)….

unusual lettered olive ap

But from the other side, it no longer looks like a GOLDEN with that one brown streak down the center. I think this guy just had some growth problems but managed to overcome most of its hurdles. I think it is extraordinarily beautiful so I’m tickled Clark found it.

different lettered olive seashells

So I hope our little walk on the beach thawed you for a few moments because…

I want you all warmed up for my exciting post on Monday! I know, it’s a tease. heehee But I think you’ll really like it and I’m not finished with the final touches so it will have to wait until Monday. Until then…. Sending warm weather with love.

sanibel pier long

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