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Jeff (Manhattan)

In between rain showers this week, Jeff was finding some shells but most of the really good ones were alive like this big LIGHTNING WHELK he found in front of Island Inn.

Jeff with a live fighting conch

a photo of Jeff of a photo of conch

While I shot Jeff taking a photo of this conch, he told me he was from New York, New York. Manhattan Island. I shared a little fun fact with him.

Did you know that Manhattan is about the same size as Sanibel?



Manhattan is 13.4 miles long and 2.3 miles wide. Sanibel is around 12 miles long and 3 miles at its widest. Weird concept, huh?

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What Will Bonnie Bring?

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West Gulf Drive Access #7

Sometimes after a storm, the high tide will bring in the shells. This morning’s high tide didn’t show much promise (as you can see) after Tropical storm Bonnie went through Florida yesterday. She went north of us with east winds ( we hardly got any rain or wind) so right now it looks like she took all of the shells with her…and some of the beach sand too. Tomorrow we have a full moon (yeah!) so I’ll give you another shelling update on the morning high tide and the evening low tide.  Here are some more pictures of the beaches we checked out in Sanibel.

West Gulf Drive Beach access #1

Looks like potential shells but not much really but old shells and lots of foam.

Island Inn Beach

We even went in front of Island Inn beachfront resort but still didn’t have much luck finding shells on the beach. We did see some fabulous shell displays inside the Inn. I could do a whole post on this historical property and the shell displays but here’s a tease and hopefully I’ll get to take more pictures when I’m not on a scavenger hunt for Bonnie’s beach treasures.

Island Inn shell display

Sanibel lighthouse beach causeway view

Sanibel pier lighthouse view

We didn’t find anything here either. The gulf waters are still churning out there so who knows what the week will bring. I’m still thinking positive thoughts.