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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Have a Beachy July 4th!

Posted by on Jul 4, 2015 in 4th Of July, Holiday | 5 comments

Starfish and Beach Stripes Beachy american flag 4th of July


Even if you can’t make it to the beach today for Independence Day shellebrations, hang out on this beach for a few minutes. Peace.

Beachy dreaming. Red bucket on a shell filled beach

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Shellebrating Memorial Day Weekend

Posted by on May 25, 2015 in Holiday, Junonia, Memorial Day | 7 comments

sand dollar painted american flag on Sanibel Beach

On this Memorial Day, I was thinking of the Shelling Medal Of Honor SAND DOLLAR I made for U.S. Military veteran Sean of Ormond Beach and that great memory of the day we met in 2012… which happened to be on his wedding day AND when he found a big HORSE CONCH (CLICK HERE to read the story).

Through the years, I’ve been fortunate to meet folks like Sean and his wife Danita and see the happiness the beach brings.

one palm tree, one gulf of mexico
Remember the Tweezer Sisters? I ran into Judith from California at Blind Pass Sanibel this weekend. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her so it was a pleasure catching up.

tweezer sister Judith at Blind Pass Sanibel with mini shells

She was as happy as a CLAM finding the mini shell for her beautiful art work. CLICK HERE to see the frame she made me out of beautiful little gems like these. beach assortment of mini shells

Her friend Deb (Oregon) uses those big tweezers too for finding the minis (She calls herself the Tweezer Geezer- hahaha) but she was using that little tiny net to scoop up treasures out of the Gulf… and she scooped up a fabshellous FLAT SCALLOP with that itty bitty net. Wow!

Deb from Oregon found flat scallop Sanibel

The beach on Sanibel this weekend has been absolutely gorgeous, but I haven’t been finding that many shells…

a few treasured seashells


I must have missed all of the really good shells last weekend when I didn’t get to the beach much because I heard the shelling was fantastic… and now I see how fantastic it was from another blast from the past. I met Jesse (so shellendipitous- he lived in Ormond Beach, FL too at that time) after Tropical Storm Debby in 2012 while he was running back and forth shelling AND fishing off the Sanibel pier. (CLICK HERE to read the story) But anyway, last weekend he  found a JUNONIA, SCOTCH BONNET, QUEEN HELMET and lots of ALPHABET CONES!  His girlfriend Kristen found ALPHIES too.

jesse alexander junonia

Shellzam! Now Jesse is a Sw Florida local so he gets to shell and fish a little more- so awesome. It’s so good to “see” you again. Congrats! jesses junonia alphies

It’s been a wonderful weekend on the beach, spending some time on our boat and reminiscing about the amazing shellers we’ve met over the years. But most of all, its been an honor to fly our American flag and remember our heroes and to shellebrate Memorial Day.

shellebrating memorial day

Join me on an upcoming Shelling Adventure- for more info CLICK HERE...

pam rambo shelling trips


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Sanibel Island Mothers

Posted by on May 10, 2015 in Holiday, Mothers Day, Sea turtle | 8 comments

Wild adult bobcat kitten with mother on Sanibel Island, Florida

Happy Mothers Day to you and to all of the island moms that make Sanibel so special… like this BOBCAT mamma and her three BOBCAT KITTENS I was honored to see and photograph.

Sanibel Bobcat with 3 kittens in Florida  backyard

It was such a thrill to witness (through a screened window) this special moment  while she taught her kittens how to navigate the island. To read the whole story CLICK HERE

Wild Bobcat teaching 3 kittens on Sanibel Island Florida

This was the quick video of them I took while shaking with excitement… 

Oh and I have another video of a mother and her babies… An OCTOPUS with her babies hatching! For the whole story CLICK HERE  

To honor another mother, please remember that we are now in SEA TURTLE nesting season May through October.

Female Sea Turtle fun fact

By following these simple guidelines, you can do your part to ensure the survival of these magnificent creatures:

  • Turn off or shield lights near the beaches. Artificial beach lighting can inhibit female sea turtles from nesting and disorient hatchlings. Most beachfront lighting issues can be addressed by turning off all unnecessary lights, repositioning or modifying light fixtures, or closing blinds and drapes.
  • Remove furniture and other items from the beach and dune area, when not in use, between the hours of 9:00 P.M. and 7:00 A.M. Items left on the beach including beach furniture, toys and trash may provide barriers to nesting or result in entanglement and predation of hatchlings.
  • Level all sandcastles and fill any holes dug during play. These are fine during the day but may pose additional hazards at night. Please leave the beach as you found it, so that sea turtles and hatchlings are not hindered on their way to nest or to the water.
  • Pick up all trash. Sea turtles mistakenly eat debris, especially plastic, which results in death.
  • Honor the leash law. All dogs on the beach must be on a leash and not allowed to disturb nesting turtles or hatchlings.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!pam and her mom


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Happy Easter From Sanibel

Posted by on Apr 5, 2015 in Easter, Holiday, sunrise, Sunsets | 22 comments

Happy Easter with dyed sand dollars

Shellebrate this beautiful day…

Seashells sunset on the dock of Sanibel bay

In this glorious time…

Sunset over seashells on Sanibel Island Florida

Of this colorful life.

Palm Trees at sunrise on Sanibel

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Happy ShellPatrick’s Day!

Posted by on Mar 17, 2015 in Holiday, St Patricks Day | 6 comments

St Patricks Day Shamrock Pams Rock


May the luck of all shellers be with you!

PS- We have a winner for the Junonia Shellograph- CLICK HERE

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Be Mine, Junonia Shellentine

Posted by on Feb 14, 2015 in Holiday, Junonia, Valentines Day- Shellentines Day | 14 comments

Hello, Junonia!

Will you be mine?

Be Mine Junonia Valentine Shellentine

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