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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Introducing Guest Blogger… Captain Brian Holaway

Posted by on May 14, 2012 in Baby's Ear, Captain Brian Holaway, Sanibel Elite Three Seashells | 27 comments

gone shelling i love shelling

Everybody needs a vacation… even when you live in a paradise like Sanibel. So, I am unplugging from online life for a week or so to take a break and recharge the brain. I know! You need shelling reports! I am NOT leaving you high and dry without shelling updates so…. Captain Brian to the rescue!

Captain Brian 008 Holaway

Captain Brian Holaway will be right here posting his fabulous photos of our local beaches just like he does on his blog Capt. Brian On The Water . You won’t miss a beat to get your up-to-date shelling fix. Fair? Okay, if you haven’t heard me talk about our good friend Captain Brian before, he is the best shelling guide I know.

captain brian starfish

.. and he REALLY loves shelling too. Can you tell?

capt brian seashells

Oooooh… He has a box of BABY’S EARS!

captain brian babys ears

Ahhhhhh…  WORM SHELLS!

captain brian worm shells

He even collects TUSK SHELLS like we do but we’ve never found one this big!

capt brian tusk shell

Wow! Look at these gorgeous shells…

capt brian best seashells

Did you notice he has The Elite Three? A JUNONIA, SCOTCH BONNET and LION’S PAWS.

capt brian elite three

 Captain Brian has a great eye for shells but he also has a great eye for nature and wildlife. He is in the Florida Master Naturalist program to promote awareness, understanding, and respect the environment of Florida’s natural world.

Captain Brian Holaway Master Naturalist

 See? I’ve left you in very capable hands.

Margarita, please. (Oh sorry, I’m just getting ready for vacation.)

So enjoy the next few posts by Brian then I will be back with a refreshed mind and hopefully some awesome shelling reports to share.

Oh yes, I’ll have that margarita with salt. (Oh sorry, again.. I keep getting interupted)

See you soon, dear friends!

Sllluuuuurpppp. Ahhhhhhh


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