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Ellen’s Candy

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Shells surrounding 2 Baby Horse Conchs

I know that my friend Ellen is having a good day because she loooves her Candy Corn (baby HORSE CONCHS)! Any day she finds mini shells, especially Candy, it’s a good one. From top clockwise, off East Gulf Drive she found a MUREX, TURBAN, MUREX (i think that’s what it is), baby FIGHTING CONCH, MUREX, 2 WORM SHELL tips, a TURBAN, and  a LIGHTENING WHELK …..all surrounding her 2 sweet baby HORSE CONCHS. Thanks for sending us this picture, Ellen!


Picturesque Morning

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Low tide at the Lighthouse Pier

I couldn’t make it this morning for the low tide but Clark ran down to the Lighthouse beach to get first pickins so I asked him to take a few pictures for me (and you!).

He didn’t find a lot and he said that he didn’t see many people with full shell bags. He did talk to “Sanibel Ann” who showed him a really nice size WENTLETRAP that she found near the Sanibel pier. She had found 12 WENTLETRAPS so far but this was her best one that is pictured below. Yep, that’s a nice size.

Sanibel Ann's Wentletrap

So, remember that Clark had the camera?

He came home laughing that he got a good picture for my blog.

Photo shoot model

Photo shoot at the Lighthouse

No wonder he didn’t find many shells this morning! He said he asked if he could take a picture of this photographer taking a picture for his wife’s blog so they wouldn’t think he was just being creepy. Hmmm. Do you think they bought that (“for my wife’s blog”)? Hahaha

Boys will be boys, huh?

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Small Treats at the Lighthouse

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Smaller shells at the Lighthouse

Clark went out this morning at 7am to see if low tide brought anything unusual to the Lighthouse beach. There weren’t any bigger shells so he refocused his eyes to look for the little shells. He found (pictured) a LACE MUREX, 5 PEAR WHELKS, a KEYHOLE LIMPET, 2 PAPER FIGS, 28 WENTLETRAPS, and 2 NASSA.

We’ve got a full moon tonight and there will be a pretty low tide tomorrow morning around 7:30. We hope to see you out there!